International Experience

To increase global engagement and broaden interdisciplinary backgrounds, we will provide NRT students two three-week training courses at the Institute for Water Education (IHE) in Delft, Netherlands and at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL). International experience will allow NRT Trainees

  • to examine how common and contrasting ecological, economic, and social challenges are addressed by water management regimes in similar river systems with contrasting climate regimes and socio-economic aspects,
  • to witness first-hand current techniques of doing research and applying concepts in resilience theory to adaptive management and governance, watershed science and policy;
  • and to lay the foundation for the next generation of European-American collaboration in interdisciplinary environmental science research.

The training course will alternate between the Netherlands and the US (Nebraska).

Additional international experience will be available through UNL's membership in the Resilience Alliance. All Trainees will be encouraged to become members of the Resilience Alliance Young Scholars group. This virtual community communicates virtually, regularly, and works on comparative case-studies, theory advancement, and co-learning.

The international trip is optional.

International visitors will be visiting Lincoln.