SNR Community Engagement Seminar - Fall 2014

African Lion Research in the 21st Century

Speaker: Andrei Snyman

PhD Graduate Student, School of Natural Resources, UNL

Other Speaker(s): Katie McCollum

Date: 11/13/2014
Time: 7:00:00 PM
Location: 107 Hardin Hall
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Andrei Synman

The goal of my research project in Southern Africa's Botswana is to study the population dynamics of large carnivore populations (lions, leopards, spotted-and brown hyenas and African wild dogs). Research efforts of my project have resulted in the recovery and steady growth of the resident lion population. The lion population has recovered from near local extinction to more than doubling in size in the last few years. The success of this population increase was mainly due to education and extension work done in the surrounding areas with local schools, villages and farming communities.

The Effect of Habitat Factors on African Birds

Katie McCollum

Our research in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve, Botswana focuses on two unique bird species: kori bustards and helmeted guineafowl. Kori bustards are a low density species and have suffered from declining populations. Helmeted guineafowl are found throughout southern Africa. This summer we conducted distance sampling for both species throughout the study area. Our study aims to determine what habitat factors influence kori bustard and helmeted guineafowl populations in order to ensure the future conservation and protection of these species as well as the species that rely on them.

Andrei Snyman
Andrei Snyman

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