Atlas of Nebraska: Everything you wanted to know about the Cornhusker State

Speaker: Don Wilhite

Emeritus Climatologist and Drought Management Specialist, School of Natural Resources, UNL

Other Speaker(s): J. Clark Archer, Richard Edwards, Leslie Howard, Fred Shelley, David Wishart

Date: 9/20/2017
Time: 3:00:00 PM
Location: Hardin Hall Auditorium (Room 107)


The "Atlas of Nebraska" is the first atlas published in more than 30 years. The collection chronicles the history of the state with more than 300 original, full-color maps accompanied by extended explanatory test. The atlas explores myriad subjects from Native Americans to settlement patterns, agricultural ventures to employment, and voting records to crime rates, all the way from the eastern metropolitan cities of Omaha and Lincoln to the ranches of the western Sandhills.

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