Nine Mile Prairie


Nine-Mile Prairie is a 230-acre (97-hectare) relict tallgrass prairie owned by the University of Nebraska Foundation. It is located in on the northwest edge of Lincoln, in Lancaster County. The prairie was so named because it is five miles west and four miles north of the University of Nebraska campus in downtown Lincoln.

8/29/2011 image of Nine-Mile Prairie taken by University of Nebraska - Lincoln's remote sensing aircraft
(false color image with 3 spectral bands). Prescribed fires: spring 2008, spring
2009, March 2011, April 2011, May 2011.
August 29, 2011 image of Nine-Mile Prairie taken by University of Nebraska - Lincoln's remote sensing aircraft (false color image with 3 spectral bands). Prescribed fires: spring 2008, spring 2009, March 2011, April 2011, May 2011.

Three hundred and ninety-two vascular plant species and over 80 species of birds have been observed on the prairie. Notable species include the federally-threatened prairie white fringed orchid (Platanthera praeclara) and the rare regal fritillary butterfly (Speyeria idalia). The prairie is also used as a seed source of local genotypes of grasses and wildflowers for use in prairie restoration efforts in the region.

The Nine-Mile Prairie Management Committee, comprised of University of Nebraska - Lincoln faculty from several different departments plus resource people from several agencies and organizations, is charged with the stewardship of this biological treasure. Management consists of springtime burning on a 3-year fire-return interval (current burn plans: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012), along with periodic haying and weed/brush control using herbicides. The prairie has not been grazed since 1968.


Approximately 9 miles (14.5 km) northwest of Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska, USA (40 52' 11.5" N, 96 48' 20.3" W).

Directions to Nine-Mile Prairie:

From the East - from the intersection of Interstate 80 and Highway 34 (Exit 401), take Hwy 34 west 4 miles to NW 48th Street. Take NW 48th Street south (left) 0.8 mile to W. Fletcher Avenue. Turn west (right) on W. Fletcher Avenue and proceed 1 mile to parking area.

From the South - From the intersection of W. "O" Street and NW 48th, take NW 48th Street north 4 miles to W. Fletcher Avenue. Turn west (left) on W. Fletcher Avenue and proceed 1 mile to parking area.

The gate to Nine-Mile Prairie is due south of the parking area.


Nine-Mile Prairie is preserved for teaching, research, and for nature study. It is leased to the University of Nebraska for $1.00 per year with the stipulation that the prairie be kept in its natural state and used for educational purposes.

Institutional Affiliation

Owned by the University of Nebraska Foundation (purchased in 1983) and leased to the University of Nebraska (see History of Land Ownership). The initial purchase of Nine-Mile Prairie was made possible with a generous donation by Mrs. Marguerite Hall. In October 2009, university researchers and staff together with Nine-Mile Prairie friends celebrated the 25th anniversary of Nine-Mile Prairie under University of Nebraska management. Also celebrated was the 100th anniversary of prairie ecologist John Weaver's undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska.

Mrs. Marguerite Hall
Mrs. Marguerite Hall


Nine-Mile Prairie provides many values to the University of Nebraska - Lincoln community. As one of the largest intact tracts of tallgrass prairie left in the Midwest, it serves as a nationally important outdoor laboratory for the study of biological processes in grasslands. Nine-Mile is the longest-studied natural area in Nebraska, serving as the site of pioneering research in plant ecology by Professor John E. Weaver, the father of grassland ecology, beginning in the 1920s, and seeing decades of continued use by researchers at University of Nebraska - Lincoln and UNO.


In addition to its exceptional research value, Nine-Mile Prairie also is a major educational resource for the University as well as the citizens of Nebraska. Students from a diversity of University of Nebraska - Lincoln classes visit the prairie each year for experiences ranging from plant identification to writing poetry. The Prairie is also the setting for tours and special events for the general public aimed at fostering understanding and appreciation of Nebraska’s prairie heritage.

Chronology of Nine-Mile Prairie Documents

A number of research and popular articles, newspaper clippings, legislative bills and other reports, from 1930 to the present, about Nine-Mile Prairie (see Chronology of Documents).

Support Nine-Mile Prairie

Please consider supporting conservation, research and education at Nine-Mile Prairie by contributing to the Nine-Mile Prairie Excellence Fund (Fund #01105310) at the University of Nebraska Foundation.


Dr. David Wedin (Director, Nine-Mile Prairie)
School of Natural Resources
411 Hardin Hall
University of Nebraska – Lincoln
Lincoln, Nebraska 68583-0974
402-472-9608 (voice)
402-472-2946 (fax)

Aerial Photographs

Nine-Mile Prairie Aerial Photograph

Soils Map

  • See Soils Map of Nine-Mile Prairie (source Lancaster County, Nebraska Soil Survey).

Relief Map (to enlarge, click on the map)

Nine-Mile Prairie Relief Map

Climate Data

See historical climate data from the nearest weather station at Lincoln, Nebraska, Municipal Airport.

9 Mile Prairie burn as of May 2012
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Nine Mile Prairie Firebreaks
Nine Mile Prairie Permanent Firebreaks - Click on image to enlarge
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Land Ownership at Nine-Mile Prairie

  • 1871 -1906 west half owned by Ira Davenport family
  • 1906 -1914 west half various owners
  • 1914 -1953 west half of 9MP owned by Tilman Flader family
  • 1880 - 1884 east half owned by Burlington Missouri River RR company
  • 1884 -1934 east half various owners
  • 1934 –1953 east half owned by E. Frank Schramm family
  • 1953 -1978 owned by US government
  • 1978 -1983 owned by Airport Authority
  • 1979 -1982 leased by E. Rousek on behalf of the Wachiska chapter of the Audubon Society
  • 1983 – present owned by University of Nebraska Foundation