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Title Emeritus Research Geologist
Address 610 Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
FAX 402-472-2946
E-mail deversoll2@unl.edu

Hi, Im Duane Eversoll, and I am a retired research geologist and professor emeritus in the School of Natural Resources Survey Unit. My work in geology has multiple applications. In Nebraska, I provide expertise to citizens and companies in locating private water wells and encourage designs that meet legal requirements that protect groundwater aquifers.

My current research involves evaluating landslides in Nebraska. Work in this area culminates in reports and maps depicting landslide-prone areas throughout Nebraska. I work with the Nebraska Department of Roads and Counties that are affected by roadway landslides on or near their right-of-ways. I also advise and educate rural and urban residents about landslide-prone areas that may impact their homes or businesses. Mitigation to either avoid or prevent natural hazards such as landslides is provided to all clientele.

Duane A. Eversoll

In addition to these projects, I provide geological education throughout the state. For example, I have led geological seminars and field trips for numerous organizations and groups. Among other benefits, they provide continuing education credits required by the Nebraska Department of Human Health Services and the Nebraska Water Well Contractors Licensing Board and the Nebraska On Site Waste Water Association, which disseminates information to the general public and their members.

I'm currently working on a "Nebraska Landslides" publication, which should be available in 2010. Another project involves reports and maps for five southwestern Nebraska counties, an area I mapped with the U.S. Geological Survey resulting in the "Geological Bedrock Maps of the McCook 1:250,00 Quadrangle."

I am involved with the National Association of State Boards of Geology (ASBOG). I served on their board from 2000-2005, as President in 2004 and as Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee, 2008-present. I also am treasurer of the ASBOG Foundation. I am a Fellow in the Geological Society Of America (GSA) and represent ASBOG in GSA's Associates Group.I also am a member of the Association of Engineering Geologists (AEG) and the Nebraska Geological Society.

Selected Publications

Eversoll, Duane A. 2007. Dundy Count. Conservation and Survey Division, University of Nebraska. pp. 114. Online
Eversoll, D.A., 2006, Dundy County Nebraska Test hole Logs, Conservation and Survey Division, IANR, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska Water Survey Test-Hole, Report No. 47, 44 pages.
Eversoll, D.A., 2006, In Estimating Landslide Losses - Preliminary Results of a Seven-State Pilot Project, Open-File Report 2006 - 1032, Lynn M. Highland, Editor, Coordinated By the Association of American State Geologists (AASG), Report PDF (188KB), U.S. Department of Interior, U.S. Geological Survey.
Eversoll, D.A. 2004. Hitchcock County . Conservation and Survey Division, University of Nebraska. pp. 125. Online
Eversoll, D.A. 2003. Red Willow County. Conservation and Survey Division, University of Nebraska. pp. 189. Online
Diffendal, R. F. Jr., Mohlman, D. R., Corner, R. G., Harvey, F. E., Warren, K. J., Summerside, S., Pabian, R. K., Eversoll, D. A., 2002. Field Guide to the Geology of the Harlan County Lake Area, Harlan County, Nebraska, with a History of Events Leading to Construction of Harlan County Dam. Lincoln, NE: Conservation and Survey Division, UNL. pp. 61. Online
Eversoll, D.A. 2000. Hayes County. Conservation and Survey Division, University of Nebraska. pp. 56. Online
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Eversoll, D.A., 2000. Hayes County Test-Hole Logs, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Conservation and Survey Test-Hole Report 43, 56 p.
Burchett, R.R. and Eversoll, D.A. 1994. Directory of Nebraska Quarries, Pits, and Mines. Conservation and Survey Division, University of Nebraska. pp. 78 Online
Eversoll, D.A., Dreeszen, V.H., Burchett, R.R., and Prichard, G.E., 1988, Bedrock Geologic Map Showing the Configuration of the Bedrock Surface, McCook 1 Degree by 2 Degree Quadrangle, Nebraska and Kansas and Part of the Sterling 1 Degree by 2 Degree Quadrangle, Nebraska and Colorado, Miscellaneous Investigations Series, USGS Map I-1878.
Eversoll, D. A. 1985. Preliminary Report on a Late Cenozoic Channel Deposit in Southwestern Dundy County, Nebraska, Containing Very Large Cobbles and Boulders. Ter-Qua Symposium Series, Institute of Tertiary-Quaternary Studies 1(0):6.
Gosnold, W. D., Jr., Eversoll, D. A. 1982. Geothermal Resources of Nebraska. Map. [1:500,000]. University of Nebraska. print.
Jane P. Ohl Foreword by R.R. and D.A. Eversoll, 1981. The Mineral Industry of Nebraska. University of Nebraska.
ane P. Ohl foreword by R.R. and D.A. Eversoll, 1980. The Mineral Industry of Nebraska. University of Nebraska.
Burchett, R.R., Eversoll, D.A., 1974. Inventory of Mining Operations in Nebraska. Conservation and Survey Division, University of Nebraska. pp. 272. Online
Eversoll, D. A., 1968. Nebraska Geology and Highway Engineering Procedures. Proceedings of the 17th Annual Highway Geological Symposium 0(0): 13 pp.


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  • Environmental Science

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  • Engineering geology
  • Environmental geology
  • Geothermal resources
  • Landslides
  • Mineral resources/identification
  • landslide inventory
  • mineral resources
  • geological hazards
  • remote sensing and GIS of landslides
  • Cenozoic geology and groundwater of southwestern Nebraska
  • geologic field trips

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