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Graduate Students Programs & Specializations

Burbach, Mark
Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management
location iconOffice: 623 South HARH; EC 0995
phone iconPhone: 402-472-8210
mail iconE-mail:

Comfort, Steve
Soil Environmental Chemist
location iconOffice: 205 KCR; EC 0915
phone iconPhone: 402-472-1502 & Lab 472-6540
mail iconE-mail:

Das Choudhury, Sruti
Image Analysis Specialist
location iconOffice: 724 South HARH; EC 0987
mail iconE-mail:

Forbes, Cory
Science Education
location iconOffice: 523 South HARH; EC 0995
phone iconPhone: 402-472-7844
mail iconE-mail:

Gilmore, Troy
Groundwater Hydrologist
location iconOffice: 603 South HARH; EC 0996
phone iconPhone: 402-470-1741
mail iconE-mail:

Gosselin, Dave
Earth System Scientist
location iconOffice: 150a North HARH; EC 0941
phone iconPhone: 402-472-8919
mail iconE-mail:

Hanson, Paul
Quaternary Geologist
location iconOffice: 611 South HARH; EC 0996
phone iconPhone: 402-472-7762
mail iconE-mail:

Joeckel, R.M. (Matt)
SNR Senior Associate Director; Director, Conservation and Survey Division/Nebraska State Geologist
location iconOffice: 615 South HARH; EC 0996
phone iconPhone: 402-472-7520
mail iconE-mail:

Kilic, Ayse
Hydrologic Information Systems Specialist
location iconOffice: 311 South HARH; EC 0973
phone iconPhone: 402-417-2562
mail iconE-mail:

Lackey, Susan
Research Hydrogeologist
phone iconPhone: 402-370-4007 & UNL 5-4007
mail iconE-mail:

Messer, Tiffany
Water Quality Engineer/Scientist
location iconOffice: 217 CHA; EC 0726
phone iconPhone: 402-472-2232
mail iconE-mail:

Neale, Christopher
Director of Research, Daugherty Water for Food Institute
location iconOffice: 234 WHIT; CC 0890
phone iconPhone: 402-472-5145
mail iconE-mail:

Pekarek, Kathryn (Katie)
Water Quality Educator
location iconOffice: 612 South HARH; EC 0996
phone iconPhone: 402-413-1166
mail iconE-mail:

Pennisi, Lisa
Natural Resources Specialist
location iconOffice: 519 South HARH; EC 0995
phone iconPhone: 402-472-5875
mail iconE-mail:

Shea, Pat
Xenobiotics/Environmental Chemist
location iconOffice: 102C KCR; EC 0817
phone iconPhone: 402-472-1533
mail iconE-mail:

Sibray, Steve
phone iconPhone: 308-632-1382
mail iconE-mail:

Snow, Dan
Director of Laboratory Services
location iconOffice: 202 WL; EC 0844
phone iconPhone: 402-472-7539
mail iconE-mail:

Szilagyi, Jozsef (Joe)
Research Hydrologist
location iconOffice: 625 South HARH; EC 0996
phone iconPhone: 402-472-9667
mail iconE-mail:

Thomas, Steven
River/Stream Ecologist
location iconOffice: 403 South HARH; EC 0974
phone iconPhone: 402-613-0043
mail iconE-mail:

Turk, Judith
location iconOffice: 607 South HARH; EC 0996
phone iconPhone: 402-472-8024
mail iconE-mail:

Woldt, Wayne
Water Resources Engineer
location iconOffice: 232 CHA; EC 0726
phone iconPhone: 402-472-8656
mail iconE-mail: