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Title Emeritus Soil Physicist
Address 604 Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
Phone 402-472-6304
FAX 402-472-2946
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Hello, I'm Joseph Skopp, soil physicist and associate professor in the School of Natural Resources.

I teach several soil courses in the School of Natural Resources, including water science, soil physics, and soils, water and environmental quality. In addition to teaching these courses, I'm also interested in student-centered teaching strategies.

Much of my research examines the transport and reaction of solutes in soils. Many of my projects combine theoretical components with laboratory and field measurements. Current research includes movement of organic compounds or disease organisms through sediments.

I have also worked to develop methods to rapidly measure soil hydraulic properties. These methods focus on precise measurement of small quantities of water in a short time span. These methods are similar to the falling head method but applied to unsaturated soils.

Other research projects include the analysis of carbon tetrachloride hydraulic properties. This project addresses the problem of safeguarding drinking water quality from nonaqueous contaminants.

I joined the UNL faculty 21 years ago.

Selected Publications

Troyer, W. and J. Skopp 2003 Rapid Water Flow Instrumentation. J. Soil Science Society of America.67:107-111.
Aslan, M., J. Skopp and W. Powers, 1999. Characterization of the time dependence of sieving. Soil Science. 163:472-481.
Widmer, S.K., R.F. Spalding and J. Skopp. 1995 Nonlinear regression of breakthrough curves to obtain retardation factors in a natural gradient field study. J. Of Environ. Qual. 24:439-444.
Skopp, J. and W. Gardner. 1992. Miscible Displacement: An interacting Pore Region Model. SSSAJ 56:1680-1686.

Educational Background

  • BS - University of California-Davis, Chemistry (1971)
  • MS - University of Arizona, Soil Physics (1975)
  • PhD - University of Wisconsin, Soil Physics (1980)

SNR Faculty Area(s)

Solute Transport in Soil. Measurement techniques for soil hydraulic properties. Nonlinear regression. Soil Physics. Water and Soil Science. Active learning strategies. Soil 361, 461. Wats 281. Agro 461/861, 955

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Graduate Program(s)

Courses Taught
Course Number Course Title Fall Even Years Fall Odd Years Spring Even Years Spring Odd Years Summer Session Cross Listing
NRES 458 Soil Physical Determinations AGRO458/858, NRES 858, SOIL 458
NRES 461 Soil Physics X SOIL/WATS 461; AGRO/GEOL/NRES 461/861
NRES 858 Soil Physical Determinations AGRO 458/858, NRES 458, SOIL 458
NRES 861 Soil Physics X SOIL/WATS 461; AGRO/GEOL/NRES 461/861
NRES 961 Advanced Soil Physics X AGRO 961
WATS 461 Soil Physics X SOIL/WATS 461; NRES/AGRO/GEOL 461/861;