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Title Natural Resources Online Educator
Address 7373 Olde Stage Road
Boulder CO
Phone 303-442-1196
Cell 720-839-2351
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Trained as a Holocene paleoecologist, I have a strong interest in the human dimensions of global change, past and present. My portfolio of experience is balanced between research and teaching experience in university settings, and directing science education and outreach efforts on regional, national and international scales. I bring to the classroom research and teaching experiences from Europe, southwest Asia, Africa and North America; a strong sense of equity; respect for diversity; and a passion for the environmental and Earth system sciences. I see on-line learning as an important modality to build data-driven science understanding to the widest audience of learners, including our nation's rural students and educators, and have been involved in online educational resource development and teaching since 1999.

Internationally, work has been directed at identifying climate change impacts facing indigenous communities, and supporting their right to self-determination in a warming global climate, through research and education at local scales. I completed a project with the Cordilleran People's Alliance, and starting another project with Amazonian forest agriculturists. I was an invited guest faculty on the Barbuda Research Complex, CUNY Ecodynamics Research Center, where the local community is engaged in a revitalization of local agriculture, and active ecosystem management to mitigate the consequences of sea level rise. UNL graduate students in the MAS, Science Educator Concentration participated, in a GIS and Sustainability Field School in Barbuda in summer 2014.

Rusty Low

Nationally, I continue to serve as the Higher Education Workgroup Lead for Earth System Science for NASA's Science Mission Directorate Education and Public Outreach Forum. In this capacity, I have contributed to the development and delivery of several national programs and projects, including the NASA Wavelength Digital Library; on-line training of Park Rangers and Naturalists for the Earth to Sky program; the Earth System Science Education Alliance program (ESSEA); and GLOBE (Global Learning and Observation Benefiting the Environment).

Educational Background

  • BA - University of Maine, Anthropology (1978)
  • MS - University of Alberta, Anthropology and Quaternary Studies (1991)
  • PhD - University of Minnesota, Anthropology and Quaternary Paleoecology (2001)

SNR Mission Area(s)

  • Environmental Science

Affiliations (index)

Professional Organizations

  • NASA Earth Forum
    • Higher Education Workgroup
    • Workgroup Lead, Earth Sci 2009-Current

Other Areas of Interest

develop online Earth systems science courses, conduct research on teaching and learning of distance-delivered Earth Systems Science

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Currently this page only displays grants that were awarded on 1/1/2009 to the present. If a grant was awarded prior to 1/1/2009 and is still active, it will not be displayed on this page.

Grant Title Hydrosphere and Biosphere GLOBE Protocols: Citizen Science and Teacher Professional Development On-line Tutorials
Starting Date 2/20/2015
Principal Investigators
Rusty Low
Ending Date 2/19/2016
Funding Level $150,000.00
Funding Source National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Langley Research Center

Grant Title Global Climate Change, International Food
Starting Date 9/1/2011
Principal Investigators
Rusty Low
Ending Date 3/1/2014
Funding Level $91,857.00
Funding Source Brooklyn College

Grant Title Global Climate Change Education
Starting Date 1/1/2011
Principal Investigators
Dave Gosselin
Rusty Low
Ronald Bonstetter
Robert Oglesby
Ending Date 12/31/2013
Funding Level $349,973.00
Funding Source National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Grant Title Enhanced NASA Resources for Educators: Supporting Professional Development
Starting Date 9/1/2010
Principal Investigators
Cindy Larson-Miller
Rusty Low
Dave Gosselin
Ending Date 3/31/2011
Funding Level $9,800.00
Funding Source University of Nebraska-Omaha/National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Graduate Program(s)

Master of Science in Natural Resource Sciences

Courses Taught
Course Number Course Title Fall Even Years Fall Odd Years Spring Even Years Spring Odd Years Summer Session Cross Listing
NRES 104 Climate in Crisis X n/a
NRES 220 Principles of Ecology X BIOS/NRES 220
NRES 498 Special Topics: Earth and Geospatial Technology Applications X None
NRES 809 Laboratory Earth: Earth and Its Systems
NRES 830 Laboratory Earth: Climate Research Applications X X n/a
NRES 832 Laboratory Earth: Human Dimensions of Climate Change n/a