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John Boellstorff

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Title Emeritus Research Geologist
Address 101 Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
Phone 402-472-3471
FAX 402-472-2946


Selected Publications

Boellstorff, J.D. 1978. A Need for Redefinition of North American Pleistocene Stages. Science 202(0):10.
Boellstorff, J.D. 1978. Chronology of Some Late Cenozoic Deposits from the Central United States and the Ice Ages. Transactions of the Nebraska Academy of Sciences 6(0): 15 pp.
Boellstorff, J.D. 1978. North American Pleistocene Stages Reconsidered in Light of Probable Pliocene-Pleistocene Continental Glaciation. Science 202(0):4.
Boellstorff, J.D. 1976.The Succession of Late Cenozoic Volcanic Ashes in the Great Plains. Guidebook of the 24th Annual Meeting, Midwestern Friends of the Pleistocene, Kansas Geological Survey:37-71. Online
Fagaerstrom, J.A. and J.D. Boellstorff. 1964. Taxonomic criteria in the classification of the Pennsylvanian productoid Juresania nebrascenis. Palaeontology7:23-28.

SNR Mission Area(s)

  • Environmental Science

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