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Title Spatial Ecologist
Address 508 Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
Phone 402-472-3471
FAX 402-472-2946
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I've always felt a strong affinity for nature, and particularly wildlife. While working for a wildlife rehabilitation center I saw first-hand the unfortunate results of various accidental human-wildlife conflicts. Initially, I got into research as a way to collect information that could potentially inform applied management or conservation decisions, as a pre-emptive measure to reduce conflict. I was happily distracted by fundamental research regarding physiological and genetic underpinnings of animal behavior, particularly biological clocks and migration behavior throughout my B.S. and M.S. work at Penn State Univ., and consistent individual differences in behavior and behavioral plasticity during my Ph.D. with the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Germany. Along the way I've discovered a passion for understanding how and why animals make space-use decisions and the implications of climate or anthropogenic change on behavioral decisions.

Broadly speaking, my research interests revolve around understanding how and why animals behave as they do. What genetic, physiological, or environmental mechanisms underlie animals' behavior? Why do individuals/populations/species differ in their behavior? What are the consequences of behavioral decisions?

My current research focuses on the spatial ecology of birds with the goal of investigating how birds inform habitat use decisions and predicting how climate, or land-use change will alter species' distributions.

Selected Publications

Fontaine, J.J., C.F. Jorgensen, E. Stuber, Lutz F. Gruber, A. Bishop, J. Lusk, E. Zach, and K.L. Decker. 2017. Species distribution models in wildlife planning: agricultural policy and wildlife management in the Great Plains. Wildlife Society Bulletin, 41(2), 194-204. Online
Fontaine, T. J., Jorgensen, C. F., Stuber, E., Gruber, L., Bishop, A. A., Lusk, J., Zach, E. S., Decker, K. L. (2017). Species Distributions Models in Wildlife Planning: Agricultural Policy and Wildlife Management in the Great Plains. Wildlife Society Bulletin, 41(2), 194-204. Online
Stuber, E., Dingemanse, N., Mueller, J. (2017). Temperature increase affects frequency and ultradian rhythmicity of nocturnal awakenings in free-living great tits. Animal Behaviour, 128, 135-141. Online
Stuber, E., Gruber, L., Fontaine, T. J. (2017). A Bayesian method for assessing multi-scale species-habitat relationships. Landscape Ecology, 32(12), 2365-2381. Online
Wszola, L. S., Simonsen, V. L., Stuber, E., Gillespie, C. R., Messinger, L. N., Decker, K. L., Lusk, J., Jorgensen, C. F., Bishop, A. A., Fontaine, T. J. (2017). Translating statistical species-habitat models to interactive decision support tools. PLOS ONE, 12(12). Online
Stuber, E., Baumgartner, C., Dingemanse, N. J., Kempenaers, B., Mueller, J. C. 2016. Genetic Correlates of Individual Differences in Sleep Behavior of Free-Living Great Tits (Parus major). G3. 6; 599-607. Online
Zink, R. M., & E. F. Stuber. 2016. No relationship between brain size and risk of being shot in hunted birds: a response to Moller and Erritzoe. Biology Letters, 13(5). Online
Stuber, E., Dingemanse, N.J., Kempenaers, B., Mueller, J.C. 2015. Sources of intraspecific variation in sleep behaviour of wild great tits. Animal Behaviour. 106:201 - 221. Online
Stuber, E., Mathot, K. J., Kempenaers, B., Dingemanse, N. J., Mueller, J. C. 2015. Sex-specific association between sleep and basal metabolic rate in great tits. Animal Behaviour. 109:15 - 22. Online

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  • Applied Ecology

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Grant Title Wild Clocks Conference
Starting Date 10/16/2018
Principal Investigators
Erica Stuber
Ending Date 10/18/2018
Funding Level $800.00
Funding Source IANR - Travel Grant

Grant Title Ecological Systems Mapping for Habitat Assessment and Species Management Conservation
Starting Date 7/31/2017
Principal Investigators
Erica Stuber
Ending Date 3/20/2020
Funding Level $48,000.00
Funding Source Nebraska Game and Park Commission