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Title Environmental Policy Specialist
Address 812 South Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
Phone 402-472-6740
FAX 402-472-2946
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Hello. I'm Theresa Jedd, a new post-doctoral research associate with the National Drought Mitigation Center. My educational background is in environmental politics with a focus on international relations. For my dissertation research, I examined how informal governance arrangements can become important features of conservation in the absence of an overarching treaty. For my case, I looked at the Roundtable on the Crown of the Continent, an instance of collaboration with over a hundred different organizations ranging from federal land management agencies to small conservation non-profit groups joining together to conserve forest resources in Northern Montana, Southern British Columbia, and Southern Alberta. The project was mixed methods, using surveys and interviews to uncover trends. First, I used social network analysis to look at the linkages between individuals across this large landscape to show how, even though the process is not legally binding, participants can hold each other accountable. Second, interviews revealed narratives about how participants come to view the process as a legitimate mode of governing. The stories they told painted a picture of how the process was eventually accepted. Ultimately, by creating a landscape-wide identity, boosted by a geotourism campaign on behalf of National Geographic, participants are now working together to conserve over 18 million acres of one of the world's largest and most pristine boreal forested ecosystems.

More recently, I have worked on a climate vulnerability study of Colorado's ecosystems and its recreation and tourism sector. Here at the National Drought Mitigation Center, I will be researching the potential impacts of drought on recreation and tourism in the Western United States.

Selected Publications

Jedd, T. (2018). Polycentric Governance and Forest Landscape Restoration: Considering Local Needs, Knowledge Types, and Democratic Principles. Forest Landscape Restoration: Integrated approaches to support effective implementation (vol. n/a). New York: Earthscan Press/Routledge Taylor and Francis Group.
Jedd, T., Bathke, D., Gill, D., Paul, B., Wall, N., Bernadt, T., Petr, J., Mucia, A., Wall, M. (2018). Tracking Drought Recovery and Resilience at the Community Level: A Rural Case Study of a Recurrent Invisible Hazard. Tracking Drought Perspectives: A Rural Case Study of Transformations Following an Invisible Hazard, 10(4).
Mattor, K., and Coauthors, 2014: Transdisciplinary research on environmental governance: A view from the inside. Environ. Sci. Policy, 42, doi:10.1016/j.envsci.2014.06.002. Online
McEvoy, J., Bathke, D., Burkardt, N., Cravens, A., Haigh, T., Hall, K., Hayes, M. J., Jedd, T., Podebradska, M., Wickham, E. (2018). Ecological Drought: Accounting for the Non-Human Impacts of Water Shortage in the Upper Missouri Headwaters Basin, Montana, USA. Resources. Online
Jedd, T., Hayes, M. J., Carillo, C. M., Haigh, T., Chizinski, C., Swigart, J. (2017). Measuring park visitation vulnerability to climate extremes in U.S. Rockies National Parks tourism. Tourism Geographies, 1-26. Online
Jedd, T., and R. P. Bixler, 2015: Accountability in Networked Governance: Learning from a case of landscape-scale forest conservation. Environ. Policy Gov., 25, doi:10.1002/eet.1670. Online
Schultz, C. A., T. Jedd, and R. D. Beam, 2012: The Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration program: A history and overview of the first projects. J. For., 110, doi:10.5849/jof.11-082. Online

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