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Hamed Gholizadeh

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Title Plant Phenotyping Scientist
Address 304 South Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
E-mail hamed.gholizadeh@unl.edu

I joined UNL as a post-doctoral research associate in 2016. Currently, I am working on evaluating biodiversity in prairie and forested ecosystems (NASA/NSF grant) and characterizing plant phenotypes (focusing on several varieties of sorghum; DOE grant) using airborne and in-site hyperspectral data. I have also received training in in-situ hyperspectral measurement and leaf pigment extraction. Prior to joining UNL, I worked on a range of projects on combining remote sensing, GIS, machine learning, and spatial statistics in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems at Indiana University.

Selected Publications

Gamon, J., Hmimina, G. Y., Miao, G., Guan, K., Springer, K., Wang, R., Yu, R., Gholizadeh, H., Moore, R., Walter-Shea, E., Arkebauer, T., Suyker, A., Franz, T., Wardlow, B., Wedin, D. A. (2018). Imaging spectrometry and fluorometry in support of FLEX: what can we learn from multi-scale experiments. IGARSS Proceedings
Gholizadeh, H., Gamon, J., Zygielbaum, A., Wang, R., Schweiger, A. K., Cavender-Bares, J. (2018). Remote sensing of biodiversity: Soil correction and data dimension reduction methods improve assessment of a-diversity (species richness) in prairie ecosystems. Remote Sensing of Environment, 206, 240 - 253. Online
Gholizadeh, H., Gamon, J., Zygielbaum, A., Hmimina, G. Y., Yu, R., Moore, R. M., Helzer, C. J., Townsend, P. A., Schweiger, A. K., Cavender-Bares, J. (in press). Detecting prairie biodiversity with airborne remote sensing. Remote Sensing of Environment(221), 38-49.

Educational Background

  • BS - University of Isfahan, Iran, Geomatics Engineering (2009)
  • MS - K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, Geomatics Engineering/Remote Sensing (2012)
  • PhD - Indiana University, Geography (2016)

SNR Program Area(s)

  • Applied Climate and Spatial Science

Areas of Interest

  • Remote sensing
  • GIS
  • Applications of spatial statistics in remote sensing
  • Machine learning
  • Spectral unmixing
  • Data clustering
  • Dimension reduction

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