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Title Director of Laboratory Services
Address 202 Water Sciences Laboratory
1840 North 37th Street
Lincoln NE
Phone 402-472-7539
FAX 402-472-9599
E-mail dsnow1@unl.edu
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Hi, my name is Dan Snow, and I'm a research associate professor in the School of Natural Resources, and the director of laboratory services of the UNL Water Sciences Laboratory. I have been at UNL since 1990. I use analytical chemistry to help understand how water becomes contaminated and what we can do to prevent it. A good part of my work in the Water Sciences Laboratory involves creating analytical methods for new or "emerging" environmental contaminants like steroids, pharmaceuticals, algal toxins, explosives and pesticides. I also help develop methods to measure and use stable isotopes as tracers to study environmental problems and processes.

Dan Snow and undergraduate student Megan Larsen discuss methods for analysis of algal toxins in lake water.
Dan Snow and undergraduate student Megan Larsen discuss methods for analysis of algal toxins in lake water.

Mass spectrometry is an incredibly powerful tool to use in studying the occurrence and environmental fate of chemicals, and their potential for affecting organisms and people. Students and staff I supervise use mass spectrometers to help other scientists and engineers find out exactly what chemicals are in water and other materials. I work with biologists - studying endocrine disruption in fish in Nebraska rivers - to find out what kinds and concentrations of steroid hormones and pesticides may be associated with these effects. I also work with scientists and engineers to find out what kinds and concentrations of steroid hormones and pharmaceuticals may be found in livestock and municipal waste, and whether or not these chemicals can get into water.

Selected Publications

Lee, S.S.,A. Paspalof, D.D. Snow, E.K. Richmond, E.J. Rosi-Marshall, J.J. Kelly. 2016. Occurrence and Potential Biological Effects of Amphetamine on Stream Communities. Environ Sci Technol 50(17):9727-9735   On-Line
Brown, D.; Snow, D.; Hunt, G.; Bartelt-Hunt, S.L. 2015. Persistence of pharmaceuticals in effluent-dominated surface waters. Journal of Environmental Quality, 44(1):299-304.   On-Line
Jaimes-Correa, J.C., D.D. Snow and S.L. Bartelt-Hunt. 2015. Seasonal occurrence of antibiotics and a beta agonist in an agriculturally-intensive watershed. Environ Pollut 205: 87-96.   On-Line
Sallach, J.B.; Zhang, Y.; Hodges, L.; Snow, D.D.; Li, X.; Bartelt-Hunt, S.L. 2015. Concomitant Uptake of Antimicrobials and Salmonella in Soil and into Lettuce Following Wastewater Irrigation. Environmental Pollution. 197, 269-277.   On-Line
Soni, B., S.L. Bartelt-Hunt, D.D. Snow, J.E. Gilley, B.L. Woodbury, D.B. Marx, et al. 2015. Narrow Grass Hedges Reduce Tylosin and Associated Antimicrobial Resistance Genes in Agricultural Runoff. Journal of Environmental Quality 44: 895-902.   On-Line
Zhang, Y., R.G. Krysl, J.M. Ali, D.D. Snow, S.L. Bartelt-Hunt and A.S. Kolok. 2015. Impact of Sediment on Agrichemical Fate and Bioavailability to Adult Female Fathead Minnows: A Field Study. Environmental Science & Technology. doi:10.1021/acs.est.5b01464.   On-Line
Al-Sammak, M. A., Snow, D., Hoagland, K., and Cassada, D. 2013. Methods for Detection of Neurodegenerative Cyanotoxins BMAA, DABA, and Anatoxin-a in Environmental Samples. Toxicon, 76(0): 316-325.   On-Line
Bartelt-Hunt, S. L.; DeVivo, S.; Johnson, L.; Snow, D. D.; Kranz, W. L.; Mader, T. L.; Shapiro, C. A.; van Donk, S. J.; Shelton, D. P.; Tarkalson, D. D.; Zhang, T. C. 2013. Effect of Composting on the Fate of Steroids in Beef Cattle Manure. Journal of Environmental Quality, 42, (4), 1159-1166.   On-Line
Joy, Stacey ; Bartelt-Hunt, S.; Snow, D. ; Gilley, J.; Woodbury, B.; Parker, D.; Marx, D.; Li, X. 2013. Fate and transport of antimicrobials and antimicrobial resistance genes in soil and runoff following land application of swine manure slurry. Environmental Science and Technology, 47(21): 12081-12088.   On-Line
Snow, D.D., T.R. Damon-Powell, S. Onanong, and D.A. Cassada. 2013. Sensitive and simplified analysis of natural and synthetic steroids in water and solids using on-line solid phase extraction and microwave-assisted solvent extraction coupled to liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry atmospheric pressure photoionization. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 405, (5), 1759-1771.
Zhang, Y.; Zhang, C.; Parker, D.; Snow, D.; Zhou, Z.; Li, X. 2013. Occurrence of Antimicrobials and Antimicrobial Resistance Genes in Beef Cattle Storage Ponds and Swine Lagoons. Science of the Total Environment, 463-464: 631-638   On-Line
Bartelt-Hunt, S.L., D.D. Snow, W.L. Kranz, T.L. Mader, C.A. Shapiro, S.J. van Donk, D.P. Shelton, D.D. Tarkalson, and T.C. Zhang. 2012. Effect of growth promotants on the occurrence of steroid hormones on feedlot soils and in runoff from beef cattle feeding operations.Environmental Science and Technology, 46, (3), 1352-1360.
Biswas, S., C. A. Shapiro, W. L. Kranz, T. L. Mader, D. P. Shelton, D. D. Snow, S. L. Bartelt-Hunt, D. D. Tarkalson, S. J. van Donk, T. C. Zhang, S. Ensley. 2012. Current knowledge on the environmental fate, potential impact and management of growth promoting compounds used in the US beef cattle industry. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. 68(4):325-336.   On-Line
Bartelt-Hunt, Shannon L. Daniel D. Snow, Teyona Damon, Johnette Shockley, Kyle Hoagland. 2009. The occurrence of illicit and therapeutic pharmaceuticals in wastewater effluent and surface waters in Nebraska. Environmental Pollution. 157(3): 786-791
Satapanajaru, T.; Onanong, S.; Comfort, S. D.; Snow, D. D.; Cassada, D. A.; Harris, C., 2009. Remediating dinoseb-contaminated soil with zerovalent iron. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 168, (2-3), 930-937.
Sellin, M. K.; Snow, D. D.; Gustafson, S. T.; Erickson, G. E.; Kolok, A. S., 2009. The endocrine activity of beef cattle wastes: Do growth-promoting steroids make a difference? Aquatic Toxicology, 92, (4), 221-227.
Sellin, M. K.; Snow, D. D.; Schwarz, M.; Carter, B. J.; Kolok, A. S., 2009. Agrichemicals in Nebraska, USA, Watersheds: Occurrence and Endocrine Effects. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 28, (11), 2443-2448.
Sellin, Marlo K., Daniel D. Snow, Debbie L. Akerly, and Alan S. Kolok. 2009. Estrogenic Compounds Downstream From Three Small Cities in Eastern Nebraska: Occurrence and Biological Effect. JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 45(1), 14 - 21
Snow, D. D.; Bartelt-Hunt, S. L.; Devivo, S.; Saunders, S.; Cassada, D. A., 2009. Detection, Occurrence, and Fate of Emerging Contaminants in Agricultural Environments. Water Environment Research, 81, 941-958.
Waria, M.; Comfort, S. D.; Onanong, S.; Satapanajaru, T.; Boparai, H.; Harris, C.; Snow, D. D.; Cassada, D. A., 2009. Field-Scale Cleanup of Atrazine and Cyanazine Contaminated Soil with a Combined Chemical-Biological Approach. J Environmental Quality, 38, (5), 1803-1811.
Snow, Daniel.D. Shannon L. Bartelt-Hunt, S.E. Saunders, S.L. Devivo, and D.A. Cassada. 2008. Detection, Occurrence and Fate of Emerging Contaminants in Agricultural Environments. Water Environment Research (80)10. 868-897.

Educational Background

  • BS - Missouri State University, Geology (1982)
  • MS - Louisiana State University, Geochemistry (1988)
  • PhD - University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Geochemistry (1996)


  • 2015 Excellence in Environmental Engineering and Science Grand Prize awarded by American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists, Inc. 
  • – Water Center Impact Award for USGS104b project awarded by Nebraska Water Center and Water Resources Research Institutes 
  • 2010 – Multidisciplinary Research Award awarded by UNL College of Engineering 
  • 2002 – Certificate of Merit, National Meeting Presentation awarded by American Chemical Society 
  • 2000 – Graduate Faculty Member awarded by UNL - Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources 
  • 1997 – Team Effort Award, MSEA Water Quality Project awarded by UNL - Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

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  • Environmental Science

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Water Quality, Aquatic Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry, Stable Isotopes

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  • Water Science
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