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Title Emeritus Professor of Built Environments and Behavior Geography
Address 323 South Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
Phone 402-472-1943
FAX 402-472-9642
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Office Hours

W, F 3:30 - 5:30 pm or walk-in

Hi, I'm Doug Amedeo, professor emeritus and a geographer who focuses on built environments and behavior geography. According to the Association of American Geographers, my interests are in the specialization "Environmental Perception and Behavioral Geography." My first academic position was in the School of Social Sciences, at the University of California, Irvine, where I taught courses like "Modeling in the Social Sciences" and "Spatial Pattern Analyses." After five years in that interdisciplinary environment, I took a position at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln at the beginning of the 1973-74 academic year. Even at Nebraska I continue to stress the necessity of interdisciplinary orientations to knowledge acquisition, by engaging in joint teaching and research with individuals in the social sciences and other colleges. My current emphasis in teaching and research is on the human dimensions of environmental and spatial issues.

I am a member of the editorial board of two journals that stress interdisciplinary research: Environment and Behavior; Sage Publications, Inc., and Journal of Architectural and Planning Research; Locke Science Publishing, Inc.

My connection to Lincoln is also helped by the fact that my wife, Pat Amedeo, is from Lincoln.

For diversion from scholarly activity, I enjoy: brushing up on Spanish grammar, working out at the Y, attending operas, gardening, bird feeding, hobnobbing with cats and traveling with Pat.

Another recent venture involves investigating the effects of windbreaks on carbon sequestration, or storage. Storing carbon helps mitigate climate change. My colleagues and I are looking not only into how much carbon field windbreaks store, but also how much fossil fuel is saved because that area is taken out of production, and not plowed and cultivated. In addition, other types of windbreaks provide savings from reduced home heating and cooling costs and from reduced snow removal costs.

Selected Publications

Amedeo, Douglas, with Reginald G. Golledge and Robert J. Stimson. 2009. Person-Environment-Behavior Research: Investigating Activities and Experiences in Spaces and Environments. Guilford Publications, Inc.
Amedeo, D., Golledge R.G. (2003). Environmental perception and behavioral geography. Geography in America at the dawn of the 21st century, 133-148
Amedeo, Douglas and Dyck, J.A. 2003. Activity-Enhancing Arenas of Designs: A Case Study of the Classroom Layout. Journal of Architectural and Planning Research. 20: 323-343. Online
Amedeo, Douglas. 1999. External and Internal Information in Versions of Scenic-Quality Perceptions. Journal of Architectural and Planning Research. Vol. 16, #4, Winter, pp.328-352.
Amedeo, Douglas with Kate Speicher. 1995. "Essential Environmental and Spatial Concerns for the Congenitally Visually Impaired." Journal of Planning Education and Research. 14: 101-110. Online
Amedeo, Douglas. 1993. Emotions In Person-Environment-Behavior Episodes. Advances in Psychology. 96: 83-116.
Amedeo, Douglas with Ruth Ann York. 1990. Indications of Environmental Schemata from Thoughts About Environment. Journal of Environmental Psychology. 10(3): 219-253. Online
Amedeo, Douglas, Pitt, David, and Zube, Erv. 1989. Landscape Feature Classification As A Determinant of Perceived Scenic Value. in Darrel Morrison and Arnold Alanen (eds.) Landscape Journal: Design, Planning, and Management of the Land. 8(1):36-50.
Amedeo, D. & York, R.A. (1988). Affective states in cognitively-oriented person-environment-behavior frameworks. EDRA 19: Proceedings, 203-211.
Amedeo, Douglas with Scott Grabinger. 1988. CRT Text Layout: Perceptions of Viewers. Computers in Human Behavior. 4(3):189-205.
Amedeo, D. & York, R.A., (1984). Grouping in affective responses to environments: Indications of emotional norm influence in person-environment relations. EDRA 15: Proceedings, 193-205.
Amedeo, Douglas and Reginald Golledge.1975. Introduction to Scientific Reasoning in Geography. Geographical Analysis. 9:434-440. Online

Educational Background

  • BS - Wisconsin State - Eau Claire, Economics (1962)
  • MA - University of Iowa, Economic Geography (1965)
  • PhD - University of Iowa, Economic Geography (1967)
  • Post Doctorate - Havard University, School of Design, Study in Regional Design (1968)

SNR Program Area(s)

  • Applied Climate and Spatial Science

Areas of Interest

  • Person-Environment-Behavior Relationships
  • Environment and Behavior
  • Space's Role in Human Activities and Experience
  • Conceptualizing the Environmental Design Process
  • How Space Rules in the Structuring of Built Environments
  • Geography
  • Human Geography

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