Nick Cole

Nick Cole

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Degree PhD in NRES
Address 13 Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
Phone 402-472-9180
FAX 402-472-2946
Advisor(s) Kevin Pope


Selected Publications

Pope, K. L., Pegg, M. A., Cole, N. W., Siddons, S. F., Fedele, A. D., Harmon, B. S., Ruskamp, R. L., Turner, D. R., Uerling, C. C. 2016. Fishing for ecosystem services. Journal of environmental management. 183:408-417. Online


Selected Presentations

Heterogeneity of Preferences and Values of Consumptive Outdoor-Recreation Participants
  • Presentation Type: Dissertation Defense
  • Date: 11/14/2018
  • Abstract:

    Consumptive outdoor-recreational activities, represented by various forms of recreational hunting and fishing, are heterogenous systems of leisure that millions of people participate in around the world. Further, animal conservation is fundamentally intertwined with consumptive outdoor recreation through funding generation, population control, and human diet supplementation. Monetizing the protection and use of natural resources within the ecosystem-services framework has been suggested as a functional approach for assessing tradeoffs in policy decisions that are imperative to maintaining stable social-ecological interactions within consumptive outdoor recreation. Though this approach allows for increased comparability and recognition of tradeoffs between policy decisions that emphasize specific ecosystem service benefits over others, the inherent heterogeneity of consumptive outdoor recreation participants introduces uncertainty. Describing the heterogeneity of consumptive outdoor recreational participants may ameliorate such uncertainty by identifying commonalities among segments of participants that better represent expected outcomes under different policy regimes.

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