Shana Sundstrom

Shana Sundstrom

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Degree PhD in NRES (Applied Ecology)
Address 013 Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
FAX 402-472-2946
Advisor(s) Craig Allen


Selected Publications

Sundstrom SM, Eason T, Nelson RJ, Angeler DG, Barichievy C, Garmstani AS, Graham NAJ, Granholm D, Knutson M, Nash KL, Spanbauer T, Stow CA, Allen CR. 2017. Detecting spatial regimes in ecological systems. Ecology Letters 20:19-32.
Angeler, D., Allen, C. 2016. Management applications of discontinuity theory. Journal of Applied Ecology. 53:688-698. Online
Spanbauer T, Allen CR, Angeler D, Eason T, Fritz SC, Garmestani AS, Nash KL, Stone JR, Stow CA, Sundstrom SM. 2016. Body size distributions signal a regime shift in a lake ecosystem. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 283:20160249. Online
Sundstrom SM, Allen CR, Gunderson L. 2016. Resisting resilience theory--a response to Connell SD, and Ghedini G. Resisting regime-shifts: the stabilizing effect of compensatory processes. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 31:412-413. Online
Nash, K., Allen, C., Angeler, D., Barichievy, C., Garmestani, A., Graham, N., Granholm, D., Knutson, M., Nelson, J., Nystrom, M., Riley, S., Stow, C., Sundstrom, S. (2014). Discontinuities, cross-scale patterns and the organization of ecosystems. Ecology, 95, 654-667. Online
Nash, K., Allen, C., Barichievy, C., Nystrom, M., Sundstrom, S., Graham, N. (2014). Habitat structure and body size distributions: ecosystem appropriate metrics and methods. Oikos, 123, 971-983. Online
Sundstrom SM, Angeler DG, Garmestani AS, Garcia J, Allen CR. 2014. Transdisciplinary application of cross-scale resilience. Sustainability 6:6925-6948. Online
Sundstrom, S., Allen, C. (2014). Complexity versus certainty in understanding species' declines. Diversity and Distributions, 20, 344-355. Online
Sundstrom, S., Allen, C., Barichevy, C. (2012). Species, functional groups and thresholds in ecological resilience. Conservation Biology, 26, 305-314. Online

Educational Background

  • BA - Marquette University (1998)
  • MS - University of Calgary (2009)


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