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Degree PhD in NRES (Applied Ecology)
Address 306 Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
FAX 402-472-2946
E-mail hannah.birge@huskers.unl.edu
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Advisor(s) Craig Allen

My research interests include soil microbial ecology, controls on soil carbon flux, grassland ecology, adaptive management of natural resources, and social-ecological resilience of complex systems. While these disciplines appear dissimilar at first glance, they all share similarities when viewed through the lens of complex systems theories, such as resilience and Panarchy theory. My current research combines all of my interests, exploring how disturbance alters ecological processes in grassland ecosystems at multiple scales, with a specific emphasis on soil ecology. After all, soil forms the literal and functional foundation of terrestrial ecosystems. In the soil, multiple scales of processes converge to inform a myriad of essential functioning. The soil is also opaque, highly heterogeneous and difficult to study in situ, making soil ecology a uniquely challenging and curious research area. By using complex systems theory to unify my research areas, I try to ask -and answer -tough questions about soil processes at fine scales, grassland ecosystems, natural resources management, ecosystem services production, on a rapidly changing planet.

Selected Publications

Allen, C.R., H.E. Birge, S.L. Bartelt-Hunt, R.A. Bevans, J.L. Burnett, B.A. Cosens, X. Cai, A.S. Garmestani, I. Linkov, E.A. Scott, M.D. Solomon and D.R. Uden. 2016. Avoiding decline: Fostering resilience and sustainability in midsize cities. Sustainability 8(9):844. Online
Angeler, D., Allen, C., McKie, B., Johnson, R., birge, H. (2014). Assessing and managing freshwater ecosystems vulnerable to global change. Ambio, 43, 113-125 Online

Educational Background

  • BA - St Olaf College (2009)
  • MS - Coloradao State- Univ- Fort Collins (2011)


  • 2017 – Meritorius Graduate Student awarded by School of Natural Resources, UNL 
  • 2016 – Dean's Fellowship awarded by Gradautes Studies at UNL 

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Grant Title Soil Eco Knowledge and Conservation Reserve Progam Management
Starting Date 9/1/2013
Principal Investigators
Hannah Birge
Craig Allen
Ending Date 8/31/2016
Funding Level $10,000.00
Funding Source University of Minnesota - SARE

Grant Title Building Better Soils for Birds
Starting Date 2/1/2014
Principal Investigators
Craig Allen
Hannah Birge
Ending Date 1/31/2017
Funding Level $150,644.00
Funding Source Nebraska Game and Parks Commission