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Degree MA in GEOG
Address 244 Hardin Hall - Section 45
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
Phone 402-472-9656
FAX 402-472-2946
Advisor(s) Paul Hanson



Selected Presentations

Assessing landslide susceptibility with a GIS using qualitative and quantitative methods in Knox county, Nebraska
  • Presentation Type: Thesis Defense
  • Date: 4/14/2017
  • Abstract:

    A landslide susceptibility map was developed for Knox County, Nebraska, located along the Missouri River valley. The Missouri River valley has significant changes in relief, gradually receding into rolling loess hills further to the south and southeast of the county. This thesis is designed to assess landslide susceptibility using a DEM derived from LiDAR, land cover, and soil series. Data were assessed using a quantitative approach using logistic regression within Rstudio and a geographic information system (GIS). Based on the quantitative results, factors were qualitatively assigned landslide potential values. The six factors used in determining the area's susceptibility to landslides, were parent material, soil series, land cover, slope degree, slope curvature, and slope aspect. Previous investigations in the region indicate the Cretaceous shale parent material is a major contributing factor in landslide development. Physical map units were acquired to differentiate the soil type and parent material. DEMs derived from LiDAR were analyzed in GIS to provide slope degree, curvature, and aspect information. Logistic regression data was extracted from randomly selected points along landslide scarps. All six factors were reclassified by their odds ratios and the combination of factors was applied to produce a resultant map to show landslide susceptibility. The resultant map of Knox County locates and distinguishes areas that are more likely to incur landslide activity or areas that have already experienced a significant amount of landslides.

Educational Background

  • BS - Pittsburg State, Pittsburg, Kansas, Geography (2013)

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