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Brian Harmon

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Degree MS in NRES
Address 013 Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
FAX 402-472-2946
Advisor(s) Kevin Pope


Selected Publications

Pope, K. L., Pegg, M. A., Cole, N. W., Siddons, S. F., Fedele, A. D., Harmon, B. S., Ruskamp, R. L., Turner, D. R., Uerling, C. C. 2016. Fishing for ecosystem services. Journal of environmental management. 183:408-417. Online
Pope, K.L., L.A. Powell, B.S. Harmon, M.A. Pegg, and. C.J. Chizinski. 2017. Estimating the number of recreational anglers for a given waterbody. Fisheries Research 191 (2017) 69–75 Online


Selected Presentations

Recreational Angler Behavior and Site Choice within Midwestern Reservoirs
  • Presentation Type: Thesis Defense
  • Date: 4/12/2017
  • Abstract:

    Recreational anglers are influential predators in inland fisheries that act across multiple scales to complete a fishing trip. Although between-trip and across-waterbody angler behavior and site choice are well documented, within-trip behavior is poorly understood. Recreational fisheries are complex systems, in which interactions occur across scales.

    I tested the connections between angler behavior, trip outcome, and angler perceptions to elucidate within-trip angler behavior. I recorded angler site choice across the open-water season at four Salt Valley reservoirs and compared angler location to a suite of habitat variables. I used a competing-models approach to determine what model of physical features best determined angler choice. I compared realized choice results (where I recorded anglers) with stated preferences (what anglers said was most important for site choice). Results are intended to increase understanding of angler behavior for effective fisheries management.

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