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Title Invasive Species Program Specialist
Address 506 Hardin Hall
3310 Holdrege Street
Lincoln NE
Phone 402-472-3133
FAX 402-472-2946

Allison is the Invasive Species Project Coordinator. Allison serves as the coordinator for all state and federal agencies and non-governmental organizations involved in invasive species research, management and policy across the state of Nebraska. Allison collaborates with agencies and organizations to develop state-wide invasive species management plans to aid partners with invasive species management and prevention. Allison coordinates activities of and represents the Nebraska Invasive Species Advisory Council as the liaison with the State Legislature. Allison develops materials and provides outreach to Nebraska governments, individual stakeholders, and the general public regarding the management, and research of invasive species. Allison networks with other invasive species biologists in the state and region, including diverse stakeholders such as the public, state and federal government agencies, non-government organizations and others.

Allison received her B.S. in Fisheries and Wildlife from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2004 and M.S. in Wildlife Management from Minnesota State University in 2010. Prior to joining the Coop Unit, Allison worked at the Nebraska Department of Roads for 5 years where she was responsible for writing National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents, managing projects, training and supervising staff, and development of public guidance documents and web pages. She hired, managed and trained consultants to complete environmental reviews of transportation projects. She served as a liaison with state, federal, and non-governmental organizations including Natural Resources Districts, the Nebraska Game and Parks, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Natural Resource Conservation Service, APHIS-Wildlife Services, and the National Parks Service. Allison previously worked at the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality conducting training and providing guidance documents to staff and the public on regulatory air permitting requirements. Allison previously served as the intern coordinator for Senator Chuck Hagel in Washington D.C. which provided her firsthand experience meeting with constituents, preparing legislation, and networking with Senate staff and Nebraska legislators.

Allison Zach

Educational Background

  • BS - University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Fisheries and Wildlife (2004)
  • MS - Minnesota State University, Wildlife Management (2010)

SNR Mission Area(s)

  • Environmental Science

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Areas of Interest

  • Invasive Species

Currently this page only displays grants that were awarded on 1/1/2009 to the present. If a grant was awarded prior to 1/1/2009 and is still active, it will not be displayed on this page.

Grant Title Nebraska Aquatic Nuisance Species Mangement Plan
Starting Date 6/22/2015
Principal Investigators
Craig Allen
Allison Zach
Ending Date 6/30/2019
Funding Level $25,315.00
Funding Source US Department of the Interior - Fish and Wildlife Service

Grant Title Developing a Network for Invasive Species Outreach and Monitoring (additional funding)
Starting Date 4/2/2015
Principal Investigators
Craig Allen
Karie Decker
Allison Zach
Ending Date 6/30/2016
Funding Level $60,456.00
Funding Source Nebraska Environmental Trust

Grant Title Monitoring, Mapping, Risk Assessment and Management of Invasive Species in Nebraska (additional funding)
Starting Date 1/1/2015
Principal Investigators
Craig Allen
Allison Zach
Ending Date 12/31/2019
Funding Level $350,000.00
Funding Source US Department of the Interior - Fish and Wildlife Service

Grant Title Aquatic Nuisance Species (additional funding)
Starting Date 10/12/2011
Principal Investigators
Craig Allen
Allison Zach
Ending Date 12/31/2015
Funding Level $24,875.00
Funding Source US Department of the Interior - Fish and Wildlife Service


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Nebraska Invasive Species Threats and Infestations

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