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Student Internship Ethan Freese

Ethan Freese Internship

Platte Basin Timelapse Project

During my time at UNL, I’ve had opportunities to take part in a variety of internships and research opportunities. One of my most memorable experiences has been my time spent working for the Platte Basin Timelapse Project (PBT). PBT uses various forms of multimedia to document change over time, and tell stories throughout the Platte River Basin. The project has over fifty time-lapse cameras set up across the Basin, in Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming.

I began my internship with PBT at the beginning of my sophomore year in the fall of 2015, and I have been working there ever since. My main responsibility as an intern is to create time-lapse videos from the images that our cameras have captured. This requires sorting through thousands of images and selecting the best ones to use for the videos. Once I have selected all the images, I use Adobe After Effects to stitch them all together into a sequence. The completed videos are then uploaded onto our website, where they can we watched by the general public.

Aside from creating time-lapses, this internship has also given me the opportunity to improve my photography and storytelling abilities. PBT was founded by conservation photographer Michael Forsberg, and documentary producer Michael Farrell. Working with the Mikes has helped me to learn a wide variety of new photography techniques. Most importantly, they’ve taught me how to use my photos tell stories about subjects that I am passionate about. During my time at PBT, I have written several blogs on the projects website about some of my experiences around the Platte Basin.

My favorite part about my time spent at PBT, is that it has led me to view the place I call home in a different light. I grew up in Nebraska, and for much of my life my goal was to move to some far off location, as far away from the Cornhusker State as possible. While at PBT I have been able to travel around the state to take photos and check on our time-lapse camera installations. This opportunity has opened my eyes to the beauty of our state. From the Wildcat Hills, to the annual sandhill crane migration. And I am now proud to call Nebraska my home.