Flight Ascending Summary
February 2018

Total Flights Ascended:

2018 Challenge:
15,000 Flights
WOHOO!!!! WE DID IT!!!!!

Threshold Prize Qualifiers:

2018 Winners

Most Flights Ascended:
Tsegaye Tadesse | Marty Hamel*

Most Days:
Mike Hayes

Threshold Winner:
Eric North*

*Winners randomly selected from qualified candidates

Participant Total Number of Flights Total Number of Days
Tadesse, Tsegaye150125
Hamel, Marty150119
Hayes, Mike112528
North, Eric80022
Cook, Corey75820
Nothwehr, Jeff70318
Dauer, Joe64521
Smith, Kelly63723
Liu, Tingting60520
Jedd, Theresa60021
Huisenga, Cheri41520
Masek, Leo40818
Gilbert, Karen40817
Richter-Ryerson, Shawna38520
Howard, Les38019
Dauer, Jenny37822
Walter-Shea, Elizabeth (Betty)37520
Tyre, Drew36819
Brown, Mary Bomberger36420
Stuber, Erica34211
Hiller, Jeremy31621
Swigart, John28612
Uden, Dan26516
Gerena, Wilma26016
Mesarch, Mark25717
Burbach, Mark25523
Watts, Jordan24517
Pope, Kevin21516
Cashmere, Caryl19219
Svoboda, Mark17214
Burnett, Jessica1299
Greif, Lisa12212
Swanson, Patty11717
Spier, Sarah10015
Johnson, Lindsay8612
Petitt, Destini8017
Bayissa, Yared752
Wemhoff, Pat7420
Winn, Sara6511
Lally, Diane6120
Corman, Jessica616
Riganti, Curtis262
Reinhard, Karl235
Ahmed, Abbey224
Plass, Suzanne162
Prai, Mary73
Steggs, Christine32

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Fun Facts

Mount Everest

7.83 times up Mount Everest

RockCashel Tipperary Ireland

It's a long way to Tipperary. We have made it 0.0107 there!

Cottonwood Tree

We have climbed 2,271.9 Cottonwood trees

Nebraska State Capitol

Climbed 568.0 times to the top of The Sower on the Nebraska State Capitol


0.0018 way to the Moon

Dancing Flames

162,280 Calories Burned