Flight Ascending Summary - March 2018

Total Flights Ascended:

Participant Total Number of Flights Total Number of Days
Bayissa, Yared122116
Hayes, Mike107720
Tadesse, Tsegaye89016
Demisse, Getachew70710
Smith, Kelly27014
Huisenga, Cheri13212
Jedd, Theresa12513
Mesarch, Mark243
Gilbert, Karen194
Tyre, Drew151
Watts, Jordan71
Wemhoff, Pat31

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Fun Facts

Mount Everest

2.17 times up Mount Everest

RockCashel Tipperary Ireland

It's a long way to Tipperary. We have made it 0.0030 there!

Cottonwood Tree

We have climbed 628.6 Cottonwood trees

Nebraska State Capitol

Climbed 157.2 times to the top of The Sower on the Nebraska State Capitol


0.0005 way to the Moon

Dancing Flames

44,900 Calories Burned