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On June 5, 2014 the School of Natural Resources website was updated to the current design. This website uses the 4.0 version of the UNL template that incorporates Responsive Design which improves the display based on the type of device the user renders the web page.

Some other layout changes have occurred. This design uses a single set of navigation for the main part of the website, but the navigation changes for the Data, Employee Information and the Safety sections of the website. This current layout is organized by Students (Undergraduate and Graduate), Research and Community Engagement (Outreach/Extension).

The Graduate section of the website has been reorganized so that common steps through the Application Process for the TWO programs (Geography and Natural Resource Sciences) are easier to follow. Where the programs differ the information is broken down by individual program.

If you find pages missing please review the navigation and/or the site search feature at the top of the page. Some pages that were infrequently used may have been deleted and/or the information moved to other web pages. If you still cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact the SNR Webmaster with a detailed comment and include the url of the page you were looking for.

Additional Updates