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Faculty, staff and students in Applied Climate and Spatial Sciences work to advance our understanding of the climate-water-human-environmental nexus. The program area is bolstered by internationally recognized centers, nationally recognized units, and laboratories representing local to global scales of study and long-term environmental monitoring programs. Elizabeth Walter-Shea & Brian Wardlow Co-Leaders of the Program Area

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New web-based form makes submitting drought observations easier

The National Drought Mitigation Center in January 2019 switched to a streamlined method for reporting local drought conditions. The new method also features two experimental drought impact maps, a team effort between Milda Vaitkus of CALMIT and Claire Shield of the NDMC.  (1/30/2019)
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Grants Awarded

$1.9 Million in 2018



69 Refereed Journal Articles in 2017

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174 Presentations in 2018