Nebraska Geocloud

The Nebraska GeoCloud

Nebraska GeoCloud

The first of its kind in the US, the Nebraska GeoCloud (NGC) is an internet platform for storing, integrating, and sharing Nebraska's hydrogeological data. Once the project is fully developed, the NGC will store multiple databases that house airborne electromagnetic (AEM) surveys, images, GIS, test-hole, and other hydrogeological data. These data can all be combined through GeoScene3D to produce virtual models, mapping, and data exploration. This 21st century approach to data management will change the way hydrogeological and groundwater resources data is stored, viewed, and analyzed.


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The Nebraska GeoCloud Project is made possible by the Conservation and Survey Division along with funding and support from the following:

Nebraska Water Sustainability Fund
Easter Nebraska Water Resources Assessment
 Lower Platte North NRD
Lower Platte South NRD
Lower Elkhorn NRD
Lewis and Clark NRD
Papio-Missouri-River NRD
Nemaha NRD
Twin Platte NRD
Central Platte NRD
Lower Loup NRD
Upper Elkhorn NRD
USGS Water Center Center