Survey Areas

Geological Survey

Geology Survey

CSD geologists conduct basic geologic research relevant to Nebraska and the world. They engage in geologic mapping, studies of soils, sediments, sedimentary rocks, ancient environments and ancient life on Earth. They evaluate mineral and water resources through test-hole drilling, the collection of geophysical data, and laboratory analyses. They also evaluate geologic phenomenon in an environmental context.

Soil Survey

Soil Survey

As part of the National Cooperative Soil Survey, in cooperation with the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service, the division's soils program maps, inventories and studies soils and interprets this data. It also studies the formation and structure of soils as they relate to the landscape, geology and climate of Nebraska and integrates this research with studies in geology, groundwater, waste disposal, agriculture, civil engineering and other related disciplines.

Water Resources Survey

Water Survey

Water studies examine the physical and geochemical characteristics of aquifers, the quantity, quality and integrated management of groundwater and surface water, the effects of climate change and protection of water supplies. The water program also involves monitoring groundwater levels, computer simulation to assist water management and integrating geochemistry with studies of groundwater geology.