Water Resources Publications

Top-Ten Water Related Publications by sales – January 2009 to February 2010
Published by School of Natural Resources, Conservation & Survey Division

  1. Nebraska Grout Task Force In-Situ Study of Grout Material 2001 - 2006 and 2007 Dye Tests (EC-20)
  2. Nebraska Statewide Groundwater-Level Monitoring Report 2009 (WSP-76)
  3. The Groundwater Atlas of Nebraska (RA-4a)
  4. Saturated Thickness of the Principal Groundwater Reservoir in Nebraska Map (GM-60)
  1. Introduction to a Hydrogeologic Study (CB-1(NS))
  2. Flat Water: A History of Nebraska and Its Water (RR-12)
  3. Series: Page Size Maps of Groundwater-level changes in Nebraska and Density of Registered Irrigation Wells in Nebraska (various dates)
  4. Arsenic in Nebraska's Groundwater and Public Water Systems (ESN-7)
  5. Series: Test-Hole Log Books (various counties)