Natural Resources Diversity & Inclusion (NRDI)

The NRDI committee shall promote diversity in the School of Natural Resources through several means, which may change over time to serve the department needs and may include: holding department-wide events, holding networking & discussion informal lunches, advocacy, listening sessions and engagement. The NRDI committee shall advise on matters of diversity that arise in the department in regular meetings, and at least once a semester, with the director and associate director.

  1. Vision: We envision equity and inclusion among all people, reflecting diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, religion, age, national origin, physical ability, neurological difference, and perspective, in pursuit of sustainable use of our planet’s natural resources.
  2. Mission: To build a diverse and inclusive community within the School of Natural Resources, free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, where all can succeed.
  3. Current Strategies for Fulfilliing Our Vision:
    • set and assess yearly goals and objectives to accomplish
    • co-learning and knowledge sharing
    • stimulating dialogue and engagement
    • developing transparency
    • advising those in leadership roles
    • advocacy for those with needs
    • changing or adapting culture and norms to get SNR closer to a code of conduct that supports inclusion
    • connecting SNR to other inclusion and diversity efforts and resources
  4. Committee Information: The nominating committee will be responsible for facilitating voting and committee selection. The committee shall exist of at least 2 faculty, 2 staff, 2 post-docs, and 2 graduate students. Faculty shall serve a two year staggered term. All other members will serve a one year term. The members of the committee should represent diverse groups in the department as well as allies and advocates who represent the majority.
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