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Firefly   Posted: 4/28/2010
Description: Firefly is a web-based software resource used to track employee leaves as well benefits and other payroll related information. Through the Employee Self Service tab (as shown below) faculty and staff can make leave requests, view benefit information, view Objects on Loan through the university, change personal information, etc.
Contact: Christine Steggs
Contact Information: 908 HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-8120
Additional Information and/or Instructions:

Gaining Access to Firefly:

  1. If password is unknown call the UNL Information Services Helpdesk at 2-3970 to get your Firefly password (they can e-mail it to you via Lotus Notes). They may ask you for your personnel number, so be sure you know that before you call. Your Firefly ID is your NU ID number (without the zeroes at the beginning).
  2. Go to the Firefly website (add to favorites for future use).
  3. Enter your ID and password and click New Password. Passwords
    • must be 8 characters; are not case sensitive
    • can include any combination of characters (i.e., axyz, 0789, or a?!-+&*%)
    • cannot begin with ?, !, or a blank space
    • cannot begin with 3 identical characters, such as HHH34
    • cannot begin with any sequence of 3 characters that are in your personnel number (e.g., you cannot use K99 if you personnel # is k998726)
    • cannot be a common word, such as Huskers (there is a list maintained in the system; if the password you 'have entered is on that list, you'll be asked to enter a new one)
    • will need to be changed periodically, and you cannot use any variations of the last 5 passwords

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