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SNR Website Directory - How Filters/Searches Work


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Filter by Faculty, Emeritus, Staff & Students

This is limited to specific classes of people within all the current employees.

Group Data field Classes
Faculty Faculty type Faculty, Post Doctorate, Lecturer, Visiting
Emeritus Faculty Type and Position Type Faculty and Emeritus
Staff Class Office/Service, Managerial/Professional
Graduate Students Degree MA, MS, PhD

And if their work title includes any of the following words we do not include them either:

  • Creel Clerk
  • On Call Worker
  • Other Hourly
  • Temporary

Filter by Mission Area

This is limited to the Core members of each mission area. People who have been designated as Core Members are:

  • Tenured/tenure-track faculty (at any FTE)
  • Nontenure-track state-funded faculty (at any FTE)
  • Nontenure-track grant-funded faculty (at any FTE)
  • Additional people at the SNR Director’s discretion.

Filter by Faculty Who can Advise Graduate Students

This filter is based on three factors: Graduate Faculty Status, Graduate Faculty Class and address component (a building located on campus).

The query starts with the list of current faculty. It is then filtered by the faculty member’s address; if they do not have an office on-campus they are not included in the list. The final filter is based on a combination of the Graduate Faculty Status and Graduate Faculty Class. The table below shows the combination of these data fields that must be meet for faculty member to show in the list.

Degree/Program Graduate Faculty Status
MS in Natural Resource Sciences Full, Full-Emeritus or Associate
PhD in Natural Resource Sciences Full

Courtesy and Adjunct Faculty rank do not come into play in this filter.

Any faculty member who is hired with tenure or is tenure-track automatically has full graduate faculty status at their first day of work. As such, they are eligible to advise any NRES major.

Nontenure-track faculty or adjuncts must be nominated for graduate faculty status by the SNR Graduate Committee after their start date in SNR. If approved, they will be eligible to advise NRES majors.

Search by Name

This search uses the “secondname” data field for searches of Last Name and uses “webfirstname” data field for searches of First Name.

Search by Expertise or Interest

This search shifts from the SNR directory to the SNR Expertise List. The user goes to a different webpage. The SNR Expertise List is not automatically populated from inclusion in the current tables for Faculty and Staff. Each person must assign themselves to words in the list. If they make no selections then they will not show up in the results.

Search by Building or Room Number

The user can select from a dropdown of buildings we include in the SNR Community or “OFF CAMPUS.” A room number can be added to the search