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Advising - Graduate Students


  • Graduate Committee Co-chair - Dan Snow: dsnow1@unl.edu,  202 WL, EC 0844   Phone: 402-472-7539
  • Graduate Committee Co-Chair - Mary Bomberger Brown: mbrown9@unl.edu,  516 South HARH, EC 0995   Phone: 402-472-8878
  • Graduate Admissions Coordinator* - Patty Swanson: pswanson2@unl.edu,  229d South HARH, EC 0982   Phone: 402-472-5355

Faculty with a tenure or tenure-leading appointment have full graduate faculty status and can expect to have graduate advisees. It is important to set-up regular appointments with advisees. Look on the Graduate Studies website for details regarding important deadlines.

Faculty with non-tenure track appointments may request graduate faculty status in order to serve on committees. See Graduate Faculty Membership for information regarding obtaining graduate faculty status.

Graduate Studies provides information to assist faculty advising graduate students. https://catalog.unl.edu/graduate-professional/graduate/general/guidelines/.

* - The Graduate Admissions Coordinator does not advise graduate students.