Employee Handbook - Single Item

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Annual Performance Evaluations


All supervisors are required to complete an annual performance evaluation of their subordinates, including faculty, regular managerial/professional, and regular office/service staff. Temporary Lecturers hired for one semester shall be evaluated at the end of each semester. Temporary managerial/professional and office/service staff shall be evaluated at the discretion of their supervisor. The overall rating is used to determine salary increases; top performers receive the highest increase.

Evaluation of Faculty

All faculty must receive an annual performance evaluation. This process requires the faculty member to complete an Annual Report of Faculty Accomplishments through Activity Insight. This is an opportunity to share activities, accomplishments, goals, and a current/updated CV. In the spring, the SNR Director will meet with individual faculty to review their evaluation.

Evaluation of Staff

To complete an evaluation of a staff member, the employee is to provide to his/her supervisor a completed Annual Report of Activities and Accomplishments by the date specified by the Staff Professional Development Committee (usually mid-February). Under separate cover from the Director's office, the employee's job description will be shared with the supervisor and employee. Supervisors are asked to provide to each staff member by February 1 a list of items/dates that may impact their workload over the next year. The evaluation packet completed by the supervisor is due to the Director's office by the date specified by the Staff Professional Development Committee (usually the first Friday in March).

NOTE: An employee's signature on their evaluation does not mean he/she agrees with the evaluation – only that the evaluation was presented to them.