Employee Handbook - Single Item

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Communication - Listservs

Once an employee receives notification that an email account has been setup, they must subscribe to an IANR listserv to receive announcements from IANR administration. If your position is within Arts & Sciences, the Director's office will submit your email address to be added to their listservs.

To subscribe to an IANR listserv so you will be assured of receiving information disseminated from IANR Administration, follow the below instructions:

NOTE: You must be at your office computer to do this; upper/lower case does not matter. If you are a faculty member, the listserv will be IANR-faculty; if you are a staff member, the listserv will be IANR-staff.

  1. Address e-mail to: listserv@unl.edu
  2. Subject line must be blank
  3. Delete any automatic signature block
  4. In the message only include one of the following:
    • For Faculty: subscribe IANR-faculty firstname lastname
    • For Staff: subscribe IANR-staff firstname lastname
  5. Send

If you are not an SNR employee, you have the option of signing up for Inside SNR, the School's newsletter, at: http://snr.unl.edu/employeeinfo/communications.asp. (Employees are signed up to receive the newsletter as part of their employment.)

SNR Director, John Carroll, is the UNL representative on the National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE). If you wish to receive his updates, please sign up for the list serve at: http://snr.unl.edu/employeeinfo/communications.asp.