Employee Handbook - Single Item

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Employee Assistance


  • Director - John Carroll: jcarroll2@unl.edu,  903 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-8368
  • Associate Director - Paul Hanson: phanson2@unl.edu,  611 South HARH, EC 0996   Phone: 402-472-7762
  • Assistant to the Director - Christine Steggs: csteggs1@unl.edu,  908 South HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-8120

UNL has an Employee Assistance Program, which provides counseling services and referrals to employees.If an employee has an issue/concern that they wish to raise with the Director, they are encouraged to do so. Other alternative contacts include the Associate Director and Assistant to the Director.

If an employee has concerns based on gender, age, disability, race, color, religion, marital status, veteran's status, national or ethnic origin, or sexual orientation, they may contact Equity, Access, and Diversity Programs for assistance, 402-472-3417, 128 Administration, CC 0437.