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Graduate Faculty Membership


  • Graduate Admissions Coordinator - Patty Swanson: pswanson2@unl.edu,  229d South HARH, EC 0982   Phone: 402-472-5355
  • Graduate Committee Chair - Dan Snow: dsnow1@unl.edu,  202 WL, EC 0844   Phone: 402-472-7539

Tenure-track and Tenured Faculty

Automatic members of the Graduate Faculty upon their hire and are eligible to immediately serve on Graduate Committees. The SNR Graduate Committee oversees this service.

Nontenure-track and Adjunct Faculty

Must apply for membership by completing the following steps:

  1. Faculty must be nominated by a member of the SNR Graduate Faculty.
  2. Complete the "Nomination for Graduate Faculty Associate" or "Nomination for Graduate Faculty" form found at http://www.unl.edu/gradstudies/facstaff/faculty.
  3. Submit electronic copy of the completed form and updated CV via email to the Chair of the SNR Graduate Committee. SNR Graduate Faculty will vote, the Graduate Committee Chair will forward the results to the CASNR Dean, who will review, make comment, and forward them to the Graduate Studies Dean for review/approval.
  4. Individual faculty will be notified in writing of their status by Graduate Studies upon completion of the review process.