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New Employee - Personnel Services


  • Administrative Associate - Maria Hansen: mhansen5@unl.edu,  909 HARH, EC 0989   Phone: 402-472-9873

SNR has an internal process for welcoming new employees. This aids in a smooth transition into the School. Services include making a space assignment, establishing an email account, setting up a mailbox, displaying a room sign, getting a computer setup, etc. To initiate the process, the supervisor is to send information about new employees (name of employee, title, rank of position, name of supervisor, full-time or part-time status) to the Alumni Coordinator or SNR Hires and Separations group, which can be found in the Outlook address book. As backup to the supervisors, the Natural Resources Business Center (NRBC) provides notification to SNR Hires and Separations when the payroll action is being processed; however, the sooner they are notified, the sooner they can take action.