Employee Handbook - Single Item

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Original Probationary Period

All new employees (office/service and managerial/professional) must serve a six-month probationary period. The probationary period is an extension of the selection process and is used to determine an employee's suitability for employment at UNL. The department may dismiss an employee at any time during the original probationary period with written notice given on or before the dismissal date. When an employee's original probationary period draws to a close, a performance evaluation is to be completed.

NOTE: If a performance evaluation report is not completed by the date marking the end of the probationary period, the employee automatically becomes a regular employee of UNL and the probationary status is removed.

Due to varying circumstances regarding an employee's job performance and with approval from Human Resources, the original probationary period may be extended to a total period of nine months from his/her date of hire. A new employee should visit with his/her supervisor as the end of the probationary period approaches to see if this option might apply.

Employees are eligible to apply for positions outside the department after completion of the original six-month probationary period. When circumstances warrant, Human Resources may work with the employee and the department to enable the employee to apply for other positions before the six-month probationary period is completed. If the employee is appointed to another position, the original probationary period will begin anew. An employee in the six-month original probationary period may be appointed to a different position within the same department, and probation will not begin anew. If an employee is hired into the School from another University department, the employee does not serve a probationary period.