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Outside Employment Policy

University Policy

3.4.5 Outside Employment. Staff members employed on a part-time basis by the University, such as practicing lawyers or physicians, may engage in outside employment or activities unless it is expressly stipulated to the contrary in the conditions of employment.

Staff members employed by the University, other than those covered in the preceding paragraph, shall be encouraged to engage in professional activities outside the University as a means of contributing to the economic growth and development of the state as well as broadening their experience and keeping them abreast of the latest developments in their specialized fields; provided such activities do not interfere with their regular duties at the University, or represent a conflict of interest. Staff members may accept temporary or occasional employment for such professional services when such employment is recommended by the Dean of the college or director of the division involved and approved by the Chancellor or President, or their designees.

Specific approval of the Board is required before any members of the full-time professional staff:

  1. May be retained to provide professional services outside the University to an individual person, client, company, firm or governmental agency over a time period lasting more than two years.

  2. May accept professional employment requiring more than an average of two days per month during the period of his or her full-time University employment

The President shall promulgate such executive policies as shall be necessary for administration and enforcement of this Section 3.4.5 including regulations covering the conduct of outside professional activity performed in University buildings using University equipment or materials that assure there is adequate consideration to the University for such use.

Nothing contained in this Section 3.4.5 shall affect the administration or enforcement of the Medical Service Plan or the Dental Service Plan at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, or any amendments or revisions thereof which have been approved by the Board.

History: Amended, 56 BRUN 90 (22 June 1991), Amended, 65 BRUN 142 (16 September 2005).

For additional information see http://www.unl.edu/svcaa/policies/outside activity.shtml.