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Promotion and Tenure


SNR has a pretenure group that meets at least once a semester. The University has also has a pretenure group that meets throughout the year.

The SNR Promotion and Tenure (P&T) Committee reviews each pretenure faculty member's ActivityInsights report annually. The Director will share the committee's report during the annual evaluation session. The SNR P&T Committee will conduct an in depth mid-tenure review of a faculty member's CV, ActivityInsights report, and other prepared materials. Feedback will be provided to the faculty member in the form of a letter.

When, How, and What Should I Collect?

It is strongly suggested that a new faculty member begins a filing system for promotion and tenure documents in their first year. One such item to include is a chart of course evaluation scores, which can be compiled from ActivityInsights report. For a list of documents to include in your promotion and tenure file, please refer to SNR Promotion and Tenure documents. Feel free to consult with tenured faculty about the process, what did and did not work for them, and needed documentation. This information will also be discussed in the pretenure group.