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Recruiting - Undergraduate Students


  • Recruitment and Alumni Coordinator - Elyse Watson: elyse.watson@unl.edu,  102a HARH, EC 0981   Phone: 402-472-7471

Any questions can be directed to our Recruitment and Alumni Coordinator.


  • Coordinate recruitment activities in cooperation with campus partners.
  • Facilitate the Student Ambassador Team activities and training.
  • Liaison with community members, alumni, extension educators, and educational partners to enhance recruitment efforts.
  • Direct SNR's recruitment activities; identify venues, people to represent the majors, and talking points.
  • Contact prospective students on behalf of the majors.
  • Organize SNR's participation in on- and off-campus recruiting events.
  • Develop publicity and marketing materials for the School and its majors.
  • Develop and distribute recruitment material to prospective students.