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Research Philosophy

Research is a major component of SNR. All faculty are expected to use research and new knowledge in their work. This might be in helping students learn how to conduct research and how to use research in their area of study. For others it might mean translating research into usable knowledge and the application of that new knowledge through experimentation, data analysis, library research and writing, creation of refereed journal articles, book chapters, and seeking federal funding for research. Full-time research faculty (1.0 FTE) are expected to publish, on average, a minimum of four refereed journal articles per year. Multi-authored journal articles are encouraged but faculty should publish a reasonable number of papers in which they are the first author. A portion of some research faculty's FTE is also allocated to Scholarly Service and the outcomes of this aspect of a faculty member's research appointment are defined according to the nature of the their Scholarly Service appointment. Submitting and obtaining funding to conduct research is also an expected outcome of a faculty member's research appointment. Directing research associated with graduate student training through advising and graduate student committee memberships is also an expected component of all research faculty appointments.

NOTE: Faculty with less with than 1.0 FTE in research will do proportionately less research work based upon their actual research FTE (i.e. 0.25 FTE would be encourages to publish, on average, a minimum of one refereed journal article per year).