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Research Projects for Faculty

Tenured, tenure-track, and nontenure-track faculty with 0.25 FTE or greater paid by Agricultural Research Division (ARD) state funds are required, at minimum, to maintain an active ARD Hatch Project. Nontenure-track faculty or faculty whose state-funded ARD appointment is less than 0.25 FTE are encouraged to participate on a colleague's project and can contact their supervisor for assistance.

Faculty who are required to have a research project will be contacted by the ARD office. New faculty must go through a full development and review process.

The ARD project can cover a period of up to five years. It provides greater detail on the type of research a faculty member is conducting and is considered an extension of the job description. ARD projects can be State, Hatch, Multistate, McIntire Stennis, or Animal Health.

Information about ARD projects can be found at http://ard.unl.edu/welcome.

SNR Procedure

  • Write a project outline.
  • Submit the outline electronically and hard copy to the Director.
  • Provide the names of 3-4 faculty familiar with your research who you'd recommend to serve on your project review committee; if appropriate, include the name of 1 person from Statistics to also serve on your committee. If you do not know someone from Statistics, the director will recommend someone.
  • The director will forward the project proposal to ARD with the suggested names of people to serve on the committee.
  • ARD will check the outline for completeness and will appoint a peer review committee, schedule the review, and send each panel member a copy of the proposed project for evaluation before the review. If modification or revision of the outline is requested, the ARD representative will summarize discussion and specific comments in a letter to the faculty member.
  • The faculty member is expected to incorporate the suggestions/changes into the proposal and submit the final document to the Director via email.
  • The Director will forward the final proposal electronically to ARD, which will complete a final review and forward to USDA.
  • Once USDA approves, it will be assigned a Nebraska research project number, and the faculty member will be instructed by ARD to complete the AD 416, AD 417, and Assurance Statement(s) CSRS 662. Faculty will need to complete the AD 421 annually.