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Social Committee Funds


  • Social Committee Co-Chair - Dave Wedin: dwedin1@unl.edu,  411 HARH, EC 0974   Phone: 402-472-9608


  • All SNR faculty and staff are encouraged to contribute to this fund. Donations to the Social Fund, will be collected annually in September/October. Suggested amount of contribution for staff is ($5) and faculty is ($10). This is a cash fund. Donations can be cash or check to the SNR Administrative office. Checks should be written to "Mark Kuzila." Please note on the check "For: SNR Social Fund." Records of all donations will be retained.
  • Faculty and Staff, wanting recognition of an occasion, must notify the SNR Administrative Office or Social Committee of any activity that would warrant the use of social funds.


  • An "employee" is someone employed by UNL for more than 6 months or 20 hours per week and receiving UNL benefits (i.e.: vacation, sick leave, etc.) This does not included temp employees due to the complexity of the definition.
  • "Immediate Family" includes spouse/significant other, child, and step-child.
  • "Extended Family" is defined as the above as well as parent or step-parent, grandparents, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, and "in-laws" of any of the above-mentioned immediate family. (Taken from official UNL policy statement.)
  • Administration
  • The fund will be collected and administered by the SNR Director’s office annually during September/October. Annual reports of income and disbursements from the fund will be made available upon request.


  • All cards are signed "On Behalf of SNR Faculty and Staff"
  • Birth: Card only to employees and their spouse/significant other.
  • Wedding: Card to SNR employee only.
  • Death: Plant/Flowers and/or memorial ($30-$35) upon death of SNR employee or immediate family member. Card only to SNR employee for death of someone in extended family. (Individual memorial fund collections can be taken separately from SNR gift.)
  • Hospitalization due to Illness or Injury/Trauma: Card to SNR employee and/or immediate family member of SNR employee for major hospitalization.
  • Retirement: The Social Fund may cover the cost of a reception if requested by supervisor and employee. One retirement event will be scheduled on a monthly basis (when applicable) and would be held for all employees retiring near that date (should they desire). Choices for refreshments will be available through the Social Committee. Amount allowed for retirement reception: $100.
  • Individual groups are not to be discouraged from arranging a small interdepartmental function if desired, but Social Funds and materials will not be used in this regard.
  • NOTE: All retirement receptions will be held in Hardin Hall. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to plan the event with assistance from the Social Committee.


  • The Social Fund provides the following: plates, napkins, coffee, filters, cups, utensils, etc. for SNR social functions only. Supplies are not allowed for SNR meetings, outside agency meetings, etc. Social Fund supplies will be kept under lock and key.
  • Funds may be used to help defray the cost of the annual dinner or some other special event. Determined by the Social Committee and Director's choice.)
  • All functions must be requested with at least two weeks notice for assistance from the SNR Social Committee/Social Funds.