Employee Handbook - Single Item

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Survey Philosophy

Faculty and Staff who have a Survey appointment shall be engaged in the generation, collection, archiving, or dissemination of data and information and/or the training of individuals, private groups or governmental agencies within or outside of UNL. To fit within the structure of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, survey appointments may have both a research component, to collect and disseminate information, and an extension component, to inform/train people in the state. In either case, it is considered Scholarly Service.

Survey Scholarly Service activities include such things as:

  • Conducting diagnostic tests, interpreting results and providing clientele with the results and recommendations based on those results.
  • Conducting workshops and training sessions for IANR faculty and staff, Nebraskans, national and international agencies and groups.
  • Consulting and assisting colleagues in the use of computers, statistical procedures, and communication techniques.
  • Assisting in professional development of faculty and staff.
  • Providing unbiased information or technical assistance to individuals, private companies or governmental agencies to assist in planning decision making.