Employee Handbook - Single Item

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Time Sheet Distribution, Time Entry and Leave

The Natural Resources Business Center (NRBC) will distribute time sheets on a weekly basis to the supervisor. It is the supervisor's responsibility to redistribute make to the employee. The supervisor should be the first contact when a time sheet has not been provided to the employee.

The employee is responsible for completing the time sheet with begin/end hours, documenting time taken for lunch, total hours per day, and wage type. Once the employee signs the time sheet, he/she is to give it to their supervisor or alternate for signature.

Supervisors are the primary person to sign an employee's time sheet. If the supervisor does not expect to be available to sign a time sheet, he/she is to provide the name of an alternate to the NRBC via an email. The supervisor must notify the employee of the name of the alternate. The alternate must have the knowledge to validate the hours worked by the employee.

Once the supervisor or alternate has signed the time sheet it should be forwarded directly to NRBC to ensure integrity of the documented hours. It should never be returned to the employee.

Time sheets should not be submitted to NRBC without the signature of the employee and the supervisor or alternate. If an extunating circumstance occurs, that an expected delay will cause a payroll deadline being missed before receiving the review/signature from the supervisor or alternate, the employee may provide a copy to NRBC after they have signed it. The original can then be provided for the supervisor's signature and forward the original to NRBC. It will be matched with the copy when it is received.