Employee Handbook - Single Item

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Work Hours - Absences


  • Graduate Admissions Coordinator - Patty Swanson: pswanson2@unl.edu,  102b HARH, EC 0921   Phone: 402-472-5355
  • Office Associate - Operations - Karen Gilbert: kgilbert5@unl.edu,  101 HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-8197
  • Office Associate - Sales - Lisa Greif: lgreif2@unl.edu,  101 HARH, EC 0961   Phone: 402-472-3679

When an employee is unexpectedly absent from work, they are to contact their supervisor preferably within 1 hour of their start time. If another method/time is preferred, the supervisor is to notify employees. If an employee cannot reach their supervisor, they are to leave a message, and also contact the main SNR phone number, 402-472-3471 to notify the office support staff of their absence.

Classroom Instructors

  • Notify students via Canvas.
  • Notify the Graduate Admissions Coordinator who will post cancellation notification on the classroom door if in Hardin Hall.