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Expense Voucher - Travel


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Work with your adviser to determine if you have travel expenses that can be reimbursed. If so, an Employee Expense Voucher is used to reimburse for expenses incurred while traveling on University business. Prior to any out-of-state traveling, a Travel Authorization (TA) must be submitted adn approved. A TA is not required for in-state travel.

An Employee Expense Voucher is used to reimburse employees for expenses they incur while traveling on University business. Prior to any out-of-state traveling, a Travel Authorization (TA) must be submitted and approved. A TA is not required for in-state travel.

It is recommended that within 30 days of traveling, an Employee Expense Voucher along with original detailed receipts is submitted to the Natural Resources Business Center (NRBC) for processing. Nebraska statute requires that submission for reimbursement of expenses occurs within 60 days of the last day of travel.

Membership dues related to conference registration should be submitted within 60 days of payment. Reimbursement requests should not be held until the conference date and/or dates of the trip.

Submission of the Employee Expense Voucher

  • If travel is to attend a conference, workshop, meeting, or symposium you must attach to the expense voucher documentation of the event, such as a copy of the program, agenda, or itinerary. The documentation must include the dates and location of the event.  It does not have to be the entire agenda/schedule for the event.
  • Each out-of-state trip must be submitted on one employee expense voucher.


  • Itemized receipts for all meals to be reimbursed must be provided.
  • Make sure that you write any tips that you provide on the receipt. The University will not pay more than 20% for a tip. If a tip of over 20% is listed, it will be adjusted to 20%.
  • If a food receipt is not itemized, the value of the item will be submitted as $4.99.
  • A Travel Addendum form can be completed if a receipt has been lost and the vendor cannot provide a replacement. A written explanation why the original receipt is not included is required as part of the form.
  • If you purchase meals for someone else, you must provide the name of the person and the business purpose. There may be times when times when an agenda of a business lunch is required.
  • If you are purchasing food for a group of people then you must to include a list of attendees and a copy of the agenda for the event.
  • If you are traveling outside the US and the receipts are not in English, you must translate the receipts into English. If receipts not in English are not translated, they will be sent back to you.
  • Expenses for alcoholic beverages will not be reimbursed.


  • UNL Accounting requires that a folio must be submitted that shows that the lodging has been paid and that identifies charges that have been made to the room. The folio should show all of the charges that have been charged to the room, for instance, room charges, taxes, parking, food, etc.
  • If you stay at a small hotel/motel that does not provide a folio, you need to request that someone at that establishment sign a Business Trip Lodging Receipt.


  • If you choose to drive to your destination you must attach the documentation of the price of an airline ticket for the dates of travel to your TA.
  • Mileage reimbursement is paid to employees who drive their personal vehicle for business. A University owned vehicle can also be reserved for business travel. University employees are not allowed to take family members with them in University vehicles; University insurance will not cover them. Employees are allowed to drive University vehicles to their home, but only with special documented approval from the Unit Head.
  • When you drive, meals and lodging will not be reimbursed for the time while you are in route.
  • A destination must be identified if mileage reimbursement is claimed. If your destination is not a city or town you need to identify a location that can be used to determine the mileage.
  • The mileage that you request reimbursement for must be correct. UNL Accounting will check MapQuest for the mileage between Lincoln and your destination. If you have mileage over that distance between Lincoln and your destination you will need to explain the difference.
  • If you are requesting reimbursement for mileage by the month, you will need to use a log sheet.
  • The current (9/1/2017) rate for mileage is 25 cents per mile.


  • The miscellaneous column on the form is for purchases other than food. For example, parking, field and office supplies, car rental, gasoline, registration, baggage fees, etc. Itemized receipts are required for miscellaneous items.

Taxi etc.

  • This is used for reimbursement for taxi, trains, shuttles, and other public transportation.

For the most up-to-date forms, meal reimbursment guidelines, per diem rates, and additional information refer to Travel Services.