Employee Handbook - Single Item

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  • Purchasing Specialist for Off-Campus Vendors - Pat Wemhoff: pdestefano2@unl.edu,  237d HARH, EC 0972   Phone: 402-472-8726
  • UNL Procurement Card Specialist - Charley Hill: chill12@unl.edu,  237d HARH, EC 0963   Phone: n/a

When supplies or other materials need to be ordered, consult with your advisor to complete the purchase. An Order Form will be used as the starting point for the purchase. All orders are handled by the Natural Resources Business Center. The Purchasing Specialist will be able to assist you and your adviser if needed.

An Order Form is the starting point for all purchases whether you are using start-up funds, grant dollars, or department funds. All orders are handled by the Natural Resources Business Center (NRBC). The Order Form is to be completed and be faxed, mailed, or hand-delivered to the NRBC.

Information about general office supplies provided by SNR can be found under Office Supplies. When needed, centers will make their own special orders for supplies.

University Procurement Card

Employees who purchase products other than office supplies may discuss with their supervisor the possibility of acquiring a University Procurement Card. This is a credit card that is accepted by many merchants/vendors. Contact the Natural Resources Business Center (NRBC) UNL Procurement Card Specialist for an application and instruction regarding a pre-requisite class to obatin a Procurement Card. Questions on allowable expenses can be answered via the Procurement Services website or the Purchasing Specialists.