Diversity & Inclusion Committee - Operational

Current Membership

Mary Bomberger Brown (Co-Chair)- 516 South HARH , EC 0995 ; phone: 402-472-8878; FAX: 402-472-2946; E-mail: mbrown9@unl.edu - [Term Expires: 2020]

Jessica Corman - 503 South HARH , EC 0995 ; phone: 402-327-1220; FAX: 402-472-2946; E-mail: jcorman3@unl.edu - [Term Expires: 2020]

Jenny Dauer (Co-Chair)- 502 South HARH , EC 0995 ; phone: 402-318-7349; FAX: 402-472-2946; E-mail: jenny.dauer@unl.edu - [Term Expires: 2020]

Henry Hansen - 249 North HARH , EC 0962 ; phone: n/a; FAX: 402-472-2946; E-mail: hansenhenry54@gmail.com - [Term Expires: 2020]

Citlally Jimenez - 248 North HARH , EC 0962 ; phone: n/a; FAX: 402-472-2946; E-mail: PJIMENEZ2@UNL.EDU - [Term Expires: 2020]

Kelly Smith - 820 South HARH , EC 0988 ; phone: 402-472-3373; FAX: 402-472-2946; E-mail: ksmith2@unl.edu - [Term Expires: 2020]

Amanda Sorensen - 504 South HARH , EC 0961 ; phone: 492-472-3471; FAX: 402-472-2946; E-mail: asorensen8@unl.edu - [Term Expires: 2020]

Sarah Spier - 248 North HARH , EC 0962 ; phone: n/a; FAX: 402-472-2946; E-mail: sarah.spier@huskers.unl.edu - [Term Expires: 2020]

Dan Uden - 718 South HARH , EC 0987 ; phone: n/a; FAX: 402-472-2946; E-mail: duden2@unl.edu - [Term Expires: 2020]

Membership Criteria

The Diversity and Inclusion committee shall be comprised of an odd number of members: five elected faculty (two of which will be post-doctoral research associates) and two elected staff representatives. All members must have their primary home in SNR. Elected faculty excluding post-doctoral research associates shall serve staggered two-year terms and may serve two consecutive terms. Elected staff and post docs shall serve one-year terms and may not succeed himself/herself. The Graduate Student Association will elect two graduate students who will serve one-year terms. The committee shall select a chair annually.

The School of Natural Resources Diversity and Inclusion (NRDI) became a operational committee in 11/26/2018.

The NRDI committee shall:

  • annually select a chair
  • set and assess yearly goals
  • advise the director on matters relating to diversity and inclusion as it pertains to faculty, staff, and students in SNR
  • propose strategies and implement events to stimulate dialogue and engagement, develop transparency, and reduce/eliminate discrimination, harassment, and retaliation

Events may include, but are not limited to department-wide events, networking lunches, information lunches, listening sessions, advocacy, and engagement opportunities.

The committee shall be the liaison to UNL's Diversity and Inclusion groups, e.g., Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance, the Chancellor's Commission on the Status of People of Color, Chancellor's Commission on the Status for Women, UNL Office for Staff Diversity and Inclusion, Association for Women In Science, and shall promote programs and courses that address diversity and strengthen the school's culture of inclusiveness.

  1. Vision: We envision equity and inclusion among all people, reflecting diversity in race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, religion, age, national origin, physical ability, neurological difference, and perspective, in pursuit of sustainable use of our planet’s natural resources.
  2. Mission: To build a diverse and inclusive community within the School of Natural Resources, free of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation, where all can succeed.

The group was formed in 2015 in response to imbalances in SNR’s gender and ethnic composition identified in the 2015 Academic Program Review.

NRDI Listserv

UNL maintains a listserv to share resources and for discussion related to diversity and inclusion. All are welcome to join it, including those outside of SNR. To join the list, go to https://listserv.unl.edu/signup-anon; type "nrdi" without the quotation marks into the "List name" box, and subscribe using your personal or work email.

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